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Some publications in Tantra are restricted.


Publications marked [Restricted] indicate that some prerequisite is required for its purchase, such as having received an empowerment and transmission. If necessary, please consult your teacher to determine if you are qualified to purchase, read, or practice particular texts. Your interest in these practices is greatly appreciated. If you feel a connection and are interested in entering these practices, please contact us for further assistance.

Guru Yoga Basics

Repository of Blessings and Entryway to The Vajrayana Path


“Guru Yoga: Entering the Stream of Blessing through Guru Yoga” is one of the most misunderstood and most important practices in Vajrayana. The guru yoga is the source of blessings and is the entryway to the Vajrayana path. A strong foundation with a correct understanding and skill in this method is key to success in all of the subsequent practices. These are based the teachings delivered by Choying Khandro during the Spring Retreat in Sweden, 2019.

NEW Five Dakini Retreat - Five Dakinis and Five Elements - TEACHINGS

Ear-Whispered Five Dakini Retreat: Preliminary to Advanced Chö Practice


The Ear-Whispered Five Dakinis Retreat: Preliminary to Advanced Cho Practice - Meditation and Teachings on the Five Elements and Timeless Awareness consists of the recording from the Five Dakini Retreat which was held at Tara Mandala, CO in September 2018.

Ear-Whispered Meditation and Teachings - TEACHINGS

The Ganden Ear-Whispered Lineage Retreat - at Tara Mandala in 2017


Meditation and Teachings from the Ear-Whispered Cho Retreat which was held at Tara Mandala, CO in September 2017.

The Three Principal Aspects of the Path - TEACHINGS

A Commentary from the Cho Foundation Retreat held in Boulder, 2017


A commentary to "the three Principal Aspects of the Path" by Lama Tsongkhapa

from the Ear-Whispered Cho Foundation Retreat which was held in Boulder, CO in September 2017.


The Supplication to the Machik Five Dakinis and The Aspiration Prayers for the Three Sublimes' Compassion

These two beautiful practices are originally compiled into one text for the morning practice on July 15, 2017, on the auspicious occasion of the First International Chod/Zhije Conference at Tara Mandala. The first prayer was composed by Macgiuk's eldest son and the second prayer by the 1st Khalkha Jetsun Dampa. Both bring great blessings to Chö practitioners. This compilation include audio recordings of these two beautiful practices chanted with melodies by Chöying Khandro.

Ganden Chö Practices - TUNES

Chö Practices According to the Ganden-Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage

All the tunes from "Ganden Cho Practices" - the compilation of the texts used as the basis for the practice of the Ganden-Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage - Dedicating the Illusory Body as a Feast Offering with the Chö  Preliminary and Concluding practices including Aspiration Prayer for the Three Supremes' Compassion.  


Dakini Chö Practices - TUNES

Chö Practices according to the Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage

text $45 / cd $35

A compilation of the four main texts used as the basis for the daily practice of the Machik Dâkinî  Ear-Whispered Lineage -  Shiwa Lamsab: The Profound Path of Peace, the Kakyabma: Pervading, Space, Concise Tröma Nakmo Practice, and Aspiration Prayer for the Three Supremes' Compassion.  




River of Blessings - TUNES

The Integrated Practice of the Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage

text $35 / cd or download $35

A compilation of the key practices of the Machik Dâkinî  Ear-Whispered Lineage in a concise form. The text is intended for those who have the daily commitment of either Kakyabma: Pervading Space or Shiwa Lamsab: The Profound Path of Peace, and the Tröma Nakmo practice. It also includes the Supplication Prayer to Machik Five Dakinis, the short Kinkara and Mahakala practice, and Aspiration Prayers for Three Jewels' Compassion.

Ganden Trönak - TUNES

Tröma Nakmo Practice according to the Ganden Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage

text $45 / cd or download $35

 This sadhana with some additional practices, concise yet profound, encompasses all the essential practices to accomplish the yidam Tröma Nakmo according to the Ganden Ensa Ear-whispered Lineage.


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