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yogic training


your body, the vital energy body, Vajra body, as the perfect source of awakening that it is! And discover the essence of who you are!

“Without including the body, tantric practice is a waste of time!”

- Choying Khandro

Why Work With the Body, Ask Khandro-la

What is your relationship to your body? Is your Dharma practice embodied? Are you interested in integrating your experience into your practice and life? This body is the quickest, most powerful, and most intimate source for realizing, directly experiencing, and embodying our true nature. Everything that is to be transformed within the tantric practice is held within the body. 

Dakini’s Whisper offers members and non-members integrated and transformative body-oriented practices that weave together tantric techniques of subtle body work, chanting, meditation, and breathing practices as well as the contemporary discipline of the biomechanics of yoga and movement.​

Yogic Training is open to the public and for anyone who is interested in the integration of the body, your life and your dharma practice. As a Dakini’s Whisper Turquoise member, you can have one free subtle body training series per year and as a Sponsor member, you can have two free subtle body training series per year.

What do students say about DW Subtle Body Training? Here are the Subtle Body Training Students' Reflections.



is an excellent next step if you've dipped your toes into the practice and felt a resonance. Members receive discounts on retreats and workshops and have the opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum with Khandro-la.

Membership is also a great way simply to support Dakini's Whisper, our teacher, and her ongoing teaching activities, translations, and other dharma offerings. For more information, please click here.

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