Chö Preliminaries:

A Gem of the Three Principal Aspects of the Path

Boulder, Colorado
August 25 (Fri) - 27 (Sun)
                        A Weekend Retreat with Chöying Khandro
                                               Open to All, $250 (scholarship available) 
(includes Friday Night Talk, Chö Empowerment, & Meals)

Although I haven’t visited frightening burial grounds,
I haven’t seen any place more frightening than
Attitudes based on the poisons of the five reactive emotions
And the eight concerns about conventional success.

                                        - Tsulak Trengwa (16th-17th cent.)


Chö (Chöd), a radical method for cutting through ego-fixation and cultivating compassion and fearlessness, was considered by the great Tibetan masters of the past to be a Gem of the Three Principal Aspects of the Path: Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and Wisdom. 


Join Chöying Khandro for an exploration of this gem on the palace of the entire path through establishing the solid foundation of motivation that leads to a genuine determination to be free (Renunciation), the sturdy walls of the Mahayana path (Bodhicitta), and a golden roof of Vajrayana (Wisdom of Emptiness and Presence). 


Our retreat involves the entirety of body, speech, and mind –


  • Commentary and Meditation on the Three Principal Aspects of the Path

  • Variations of Tonglen or Chö Meditation

  • Physical Movement and Dance - Wisdom Subtle Body Training

  • Playing Musical Instruments/Chanting with Melodies/Visualization and Meditation


Through the integration of all these, we welcome negative emotions that we have alienated and harmful forces that ordinarily give rise to fear and reactivity. We make offerings of our own body that nourish and satisfy them. In the process, we come to see the equality of all experiences and our indestructible true nature. 


Those who aspire to the practice will also have a chance to dive into the traditional lineage practice once they receive the Chö Empowerment and Transmission during the retreat. For the lineage Chö practice, the practice manual and recordings will be available at the retreat for optional purchase.


RESOURCES for the retreat (Please go ahead and print them out in advance for the retreat):


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For registration, please contact or 720-233-7544.



August 25, 6 pm - 8 pm
                 Friday Night Introductory Talk and Guided Meditation
                                                                               Open to All, Donation $20
August 26, 7 pm -
                 Chö Empowerment: Ganden Ear-Whispered Chö Lineage
                                                      Refuge Vows Recommended, Donation $35 - 55
The Chö empowerment – Common Opening the Door to the Sky - is the gateway to the Nyengyü, Ear-Whispered Lineage, called Ganden-Ensa and Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineages. Tracing the lineages from Machig Labdrön, the former comes through Lama Tsongkhapa (1357–1419)'s direct transmission from Manjushri and the latter through Chöying Rangdröl (1604-1657 or 1669)'s revelation or pure vision (dak-nang) of Machik. These Chö practices were passed down through oral/aural transmission (“ear-whispered”) from master to disciple and kept fairly discreet, practiced primarily outside of the institutional framework. Chöying Khandro has accepted the request for bestowing this empowerment on this rare occasion. Read more about the lineage.