Reports from the First International Chöd-Zhije Conference and follow-up Chö retreat

at Tara Manalda, 2017











July 13: Chöying Khandro made a presentation on the Ḍākinī' Ear-Whispered Lineage at the First International Chöd-Zhije Conference hosted by Tara Mandala from July 12-16, 2017.


July 15: She led Morning Practice: "Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis", Kakyabma Pervading Space, and Aspiration Prayer composed by the 1st Jetsun Dampa. (If you'd like to have a copy of these three practices with transliteration and English translation, please go to "Publications" to download.)


She also participated in the panel Discussion "The Living Tradition of Chod" and spoke about the Chod community in Mongolia.


July 18-23: The follow-up retreat - The Ear-Whispered Lineage of Ganden: Chö Retreat.

Chöying gave the Chö Empowerment "Opening the Door to the Sky" and co-led the Ganden Chö practice, Dedicating the Illusory Body as a Feast Offering. She also guided the morning meditation during the retreat. 




"Unfolding of The Nyen-Gyu, Ear-Whispered Lineage"

An Overview of the Chö Lineage of Wandering Yogis and Yoginis: The Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage


This session explores the unfamiliar territory of the Nyen-Gyu, Ear-Whispered Lineage, called “The Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage” (Machik Khandro Nyengyü). It is a rare, secret and unequaled Chö tradition of Tibetan Vajrayana.


The lineage was once highly valued and spread from the borders of Eastern Tibet to Amdo and Inner Mongolia. The lineage practices are profound and powerful as well as beautiful, melodious and imbued with the dakinis’ blessings. However, the lineage was strictly orally transmitted and was on the verge of disappearing by the early 20th century.


This exploration unfolds its historical background, the unique characteristics of the lineage of wandering yogis, provide an overview of the lineage practices and retreats, and recent endeavors to revitalize the lineage. This effort includes the opportunity to receive the Chö empowerment and transmissions following the conference. Our discussion introduces you to the inspiring challenge of preserving the integrity and authenticity of the lineage while allowing the lineage to blossom into a dynamic and living force in our modern time.


This session serves as an introduction to the Chö empowerment and the retreat of the Ganden Ear-Whispered Lineage practice following the conference. Those who participate in the follow-up retreat of the Ganden Ear-Whispered Lineage are required to receive this empowerment prior to the retreat. The Chö empowerment – Common Opening the Door to the Sky - is the gateway to the Neyn-Gyu - Ganden Ear-Whispered Lineage and Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage.





Here are some pictures of the retreatants. Listen to some morning meditations and teachings from the retreat at the member-only site.