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your human/spiritual potential by delving into the Fundamentals of Dharma!

In the midst of the stormy waves of the world, what is calling you? 

What moves your heart and mind most? 

- Choying Khandro

BODHICITTA - Rabbit On The Moon

Are you new to Buddha’s teachings? Do the radical yet practical teachings of Buddha touch your heart and mind? Do you have a spark of curiosity and longing to study and meditate on the fundamentals of the path to freedom and awakening in this challenging time? Or are you an experienced practitioner who is looking for a new experiential approach to Dharma Fundamentals?


Whether you're a beginning Buddhist practitioner or are looking to deepen your existing practice, Dakini's Whisper offers dharma opportunities that are suitable for people in all different stages of the path. 


As members or “friends” (non-members) of Dakini’s Whisper, you can engage in intentional, planned, and focused study, contemplation, and meditation on the Fundamentals of Dharma, get a “taste” of the ancient Ear-Whispered Lineage teachings and practices, and deepen your journey towards genuine happiness and awakening of all beings.

As an Emerald, Ruby or Turquoise member, you can join the Essential Journey, a self-paced, personal virtual pilgrimage through the topography of the path to awakening. Twelve modular, online classes will guide you through study, contemplation, and meditation on the basics of Buddhist teachings. Each module is intended to serve as a pointer and thought-provoking guide for your own intimate, personal immersion into the experience and realization of Lam Rim (Stages of the Path). This journey is an excellent opportunity for beginning students as well as long-term Tantric Practitioners to devote some of our busy lives to study, contemplation and meditation on these essentials. 

Open to the Public:

Self-paced online courses & self-study


Other public offerings


For Members:


is an excellent next step if you've dipped your toes into the practice and felt a resonance. Members receive discounts on retreats and workshops and have the opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum with Khandro-la.

Membership is also a great way simply to support Dakini's Whisper, our teacher, and her ongoing teaching activities, translations, and other dharma offerings. For more information, please click here.

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