The Dakini's Whisper Community is a network of people who aspire to embody Buddhist wisdom by exploring and integrating it into every aspect of life. Our community exists through the financial support of our members.

Membership is open to anyone regardless of their faith, background, or phase of life. Our community reflects the nature of a Chö community, diverse and strong – with people of various backgrounds with a strong intention to practice participating from all over the world. Members attend retreats, attend online classes, or simply purchase a membership as an expression of support for the tradition of the Ear-Whispered Chö and the teachings of Chöying Khandro.

Membership is $30 per month (due on the first weekend of each month) or $330 per year.


Once you've completed and submitted the Membership Registration Form, you may click the button below to set up future AUTOMATED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS or to remit the $300 remainder of the ONE-TIME ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT. You may also use this button to MAKE A DONATION in any amount.


Your Membership:
  • Supports Dakini's Whisper's mission to bring the ancient wisdom to our daily life

  • Promotes and preserves the lineages of the Ear-Whispered Chö

  • Supports Dakini's Whisper programs and retreats

  • Develops online programs and other events

  • Supports local and worldwide community members 

  • Brings our worldwide Dakini's Whisper practitioners together

  • Builds our dynamic practice communities

Benefits of membership include:

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