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Joining Our Study and Practice

as a Newcomer to DW

Dakini’s Whisper is an international online sangha dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of Vajrayana Buddhism into our modern-day lives. From this lineage of wandering yogis and yoginis, the emphasis is on each individual practitioner's own direct experience of the teachings and practice. Dakini's Whisper reveals how the human journey cannot be separated from the spiritual journey. The embodiment of the teachings is the secret to awakening for ourselves and all beings. Towards that end, we offer teachings and practice opportunities suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike, including a weekly Sunday program, Subtle Body Training sessions, and more.


Whether you're a beginning Buddhist practitioner or are looking to deepen an existing practice, Dakini's Whisper offers practice opportunities that are suitable for people on all different stages of the path. Here is a description of many of our ongoing practice offerings. Once you have an idea of where you'd like to plugin, you can contact us with any questions, or follow the specific links for registration and links to online sessions. 




Dakini's Whisper Events

are an excellent entry point for those new to Dakini's Whisper and/or Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Sessions begin with a short guided meditation and are followed by a dharma talk on topics related to foundational Vajrayana Buddhist teachings and practices. During these sessions, Khandro-la will occasionally offer public transmissions of Ear-Whispered lineage practices along with commentary.

Dakini’s Whisper public events are free and open to all. Please see our calendar for upcoming offerings.

For upcoming events, please see here




Subtle Body Training

is a unique synthesis of traditional Tibetan subtle body-oriented techniques, pranayama practices, meditation, and modern healing modalities. Khandro-la's approach draws on her decades of practice experience as well as her experience as a certified Yoga Therapist. 

This integrative approach employs skillful and evidence-based methods for moving toward wholeness on many levels -- psychological, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal. Its exercises and meditations influence our entire body, from the outer physical to the most subtle and profound energy and awareness levels. Through these practices, we come to rediscover our personal authenticity. See our new upcoming series in the "Upcoming Events" section.




Monthly Lineage Practices

Ganden Chö Practice, Vajrayogini Chö Tsok, Vajrayogini Sadhana and Five Dakini Practice are offered for those who already have received the appropriate transmissions and/or empowerments. Mahamudra meditation practice is open to the public.​ 


We practice the Ganden Ear-Whispered Cho (Five Dakini Retreat) Vajrayogini and Mahamudra monthly. We also practice Golden Nectar offering to Palden Lhamo and Vajrayogini alternatively weekly.


Dakini's Whisper community practices together the Vajrayogini Cho Tsok once every month on Dakini Day, according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage of Cho, once every month. (please see the calendar for dates.)




Dakini Study and Practice

is a unique aspect of Dakini’s Whisper. We are currently offering a one-year immersion journey THE KECHARA JOURNEY and the NEW DAKINI JOURNEY. Please see more information and inquire if you are interested in joining.


In addition, Dakini offerings take a variety of forms, such as subtle body training, and transmissions with commentary (i.e. Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis)




Dharma Classes, Workshops

provide an opportunity to study teachings related to Buddhism, Tantra, Cho, and Mahamudra in a structured manner together with other participants. These are usually offered as a time-limited, weekly series of a specific topic such as Cho Foundations, Mahamudra Shamatha, Entering Highest Yoga Tantra, and others. (please see the calendar for dates.) Additionally, class content may be incorporated into our Online Learning Platform and can be studied at your own pace.




Online Learning Program

is a series of self-paced online courses providing deep study mixed with meditation practice and resources for support. These range from the Buddhist foundations to Cho, Vajrayana practice, Dakini Teachings, Mahamudra and Subtle Body Training. In addition, video teachings, recordings of our lineage practices, and translations of practice texts are available to enrich each practitioner's spiritual journey. Click here for more information.


is an excellent next step if you've dipped your toes into the practice and felt a resonance. Members receive discounts on retreats and workshops and have the opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum with Khandro-la.

Membership is also a great way simply to support Dakini's Whisper, our teacher, and her ongoing teaching activities, translations, and other dharma offerings. For more information, please click here.

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