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Reveal your blind spots.

Approach what you find repulsive.

Help those you think you cannot help.

Anything you are attached to, give that.

Go to the places that scare you."

- Five Slogans of Machik Labdrön

completely traditional

completely contemporary

About Dakini's Whisper

We are an international online sangha of Buddhist practitioners dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of the Ear-Whispered Chö (Chod) and Vajrayana to our modern-day lives.

All of DAKINI'S WHISPER's activities reflect our mission of nurturing our awakening to its deepest dimension through authentic Buddhadharma methods in an inclusive, accessible environment.

About Our Teacher

Chöying Khandro holds the complete transmissions of both the Mount of Bliss and Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineages from her root lama, His Holiness, the late Ninth Khalkha Jetsün Dampa Rinpoche. Khandro-la is among the few students who have been with him since he began to teach in the West in the early 1990s.

In 2011, Chöying Khandro was presented with teaching robes and received Khalkha Rinpoche's permission to begin Dakini’s Whisper. Since meeting her teacher, Chöying Khandro has devoted her life to transmitting this rare and precious lineage and its teachings to the West. Learn more about Khandro-la



Dakini's Whisper &

Discover the Dharma 




Dakini’s Whisper is an international online sangha dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of Vajrayana Buddhism into our modern-day lives. We offer teachings and practice opportunities suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike, including a weekly Sunday program, Subtle Body Training sessions, and more.




Chö, Vajrayana,

Mahamudra & Dakini




Under the guidance of our spiritual director, Chöying Khandro, we study and practice Chö within the larger context of the path of Tantra, covering the entire breadth of Vajrayana Buddhism. We offer online retreats, one year focused journeys, and a program covering the entire breadth of the Ganden Ear-Whispered and Dakini Ear-Whispered lineages of Chö.




Self-Paced Online Courses &

DW Media Resources




We offer a series of self-paced online courses providing deep study mixed with meditation practice and resources for support. These range from the Buddhist foundations to Cho and Vajrayana practice. In addition, video teachings, recordings of our lineage practices, and translations of practice texts are available to enrich each practitioner's spiritual journey.

DW Sundays - Every Sunday, 12pm to 1pm Pacific Time 

Dakini's Whisper Sundays are free and open to everyone and include a short meditation session followed by a dharma talk and sometimes transmissions of our lineage practices. 

Ayurvedic Restorative Series - "Nourish and Renew from Within" Four Thursdays starting Oct 29, 4pm to 5pm Pacific Time   

Come join us for this Four-Week Restorative and Meditation Series based on Ayurveda, Yoga, and Tantra. Nourish all the systems of your body and mind; renew health and harmony to your life where global renewal also starts...

Annual Online Fall Retreat - "Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet" - November 13-15

In this retreat, we will delve into this precious root text with auto-commentary. It is profound, consisting of the pith instructions of Mahamudra, and yet it is concise and easy for any aspired student to put into practice, especially in challenging times like those we face right now.

Chö Healing Event - Release, Revive & Renew, monthly, Saturday, 4pm to 5:15pm Pacific Time. Please see calendar. Open to all

Free and open to all. Please join us for this powerful ancient practice of Cho that has been used as a healing ritual for ages. Simply lie down, relax, and rest, allowing your own healing power which inherently resides within you to unfold.

Ganden Ear Whispered Chö Practice - Bi-monthly, times vary. Please see calendar; transmission required. 

Free and open to all with the Ear-Whispered Chö Transmissions. Join Dakini's Whisper's students and aspiring Chö practitioners from around the world for a bi-monthly practice of the Ear-Whispered Chö.

Vajrayogini Chö Tsok - Monthly on Dakini Day. Please see calendar; transmission required. 

Please join us online each month in a joyful and celebratory opportunity of Tsok Feast Offering to connect with our worldwide Chöpa sangha.

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CREDIT: Soyalmaa Davaakhuu is an inspiring Mongolian artist whose images of Machik Labdron and Dakinis are featured on our website. She is a committed Buddhist artist and practitioner based in Ulaanbaatar, her work has the luminous quality of the Dakini. For more on Soyalmaa and her work, visit:

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