Awaken to your Deepest and Most Fulfilling Potential

DAKINI'S WHISPER is an international online Buddhist community dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of the Ear-Whispered Chö and Vajrayana to our modern day lives.

DAKINI'S WHISPER's activities reflect our mission of nurturing awakening to our deepest dimension through authentic Buddhadharma methods in an inclusive, accessible environment.

Dakini's Whisper offers:

Enter the authentic stream of lineage through transmissions, commentaries, training, and consistent support in a nurturing environment.

Explore the teachings and uncover our personal authenticity with unpretentious honest inquiries in all aspects of human experience - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Build an inclusive community to share and support one's spiritual unfolding.  Help make the lineage into an alive, dynamic, and living force.

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