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A Deep Dive Into Integrated Stages of

the Awakening Path

An Online, Self-Paced, Immersion Experience 

with Choying Khandro

Starting Feb. 2023

"Let my heart turn to practice.
Let practice become a path.
Let this path dissolve confusion.
Let confusion become wisdom.

- Gampopa


In the midst of the stormy waves of the world, what is calling you? What moves your heart and mind most? Dakini’s Whisper wholeheartedly invites you to join fellow pilgrims on a self-paced personal householder’s journey through Topography of the Path to Awakening, an integrated practice of Lam Rim!


A great journey begins with having a map of the route!


Topography of the Path is the foundation of Buddhism, the map of the entire Buddha’s teaching and is especially essential for Cho and advanced Tantric practitioners. This journey is an excellent opportunity for beginning students as well as long-term Tantric Practitioners to engage in intentional, planned, and focused study, contemplation, and meditation on these foundations.


By participating in this portent journey, we greatly aspire to follow in the footsteps of our great masters who devoted their lives to dharma practice, the source of happiness, and we commit to devoting some of our busy lives to studying, contemplating and meditating. Join Dakini's Whisper Foundations Journey, this self-paced, semi-structured, and well-supported opportunity to create virtuous propensities, individually and collectively, towards genuine happiness and awakening of all beings!

THE FOUNDATIONS JOURNEY is multidimensional and immensely rich in both traditional and contemporary applications. Your spiritual and human journey will come alive through this well-structured, integrated journey that includes a compilation of Khandro-la’s Foundations teachings and guided Mahamudra meditations. Each module is intended to serve as a pointer and thought-provoking guide for your own intimate, personal immersion into the experience and realization of Lam Rim. 



Semi-Structured and



Pilgrims on this Journey will have:

  • An embodied experience of the Stages of the Path to Awakening.

  • A solid foundation for further tantric and advanced practice.

  • A spiritual journey that is grounded in the body and heart.

  • A genuine understanding of Buddha Dharma through participating in an integrative and interactive approach.

  • A Dharma habit of meaningful daily practice in the contemporary world.


To provide support and enhance your daily personal experience, we have recommended the following Lamrim resource.  


DW eLearning Modules, which you will have free access to -

Master Course 1: Foundations

Master Course 5: Topography of the Path

Master Course 7: Song of Spiritual Realization


Khandro-la’s Book, The Heart of Cho, Volume 1, Foundations of Cho

Supplementary Practices (See the DW Media Store)





Beginning Teaching of Lamrim

MC 1 Blueprint of the Path 

MC 5 Prep, Intro

MC 7 Overview, Teachings and the Lineage

The Heart of Cho, pp. 17 - 33



Small & Medium Scope

MC 1 Groundwork 

MC 5 Motivation, Precious Human Life, Death & Impermanence

MC 7 Guru Devotion, Spiritual Opportunities, Death & Impermanence

The Heart of Cho, pp. 34 - 70


Small & Medium Scope

MC 1 Groundwork

MC 5 Refuge, Karma, Suffering, The Determination to be Free

MC 7 Refuge, Seeking Freedom

The Heart of Cho, pp. 71 - 98


Integration Time (TBD)

Group Meeting - Sharing and Dialogue with Khandro-la



Great Scope

MC 1 Wall & Roof

MC 5 Self-Cherishing, Bodhicitta, Bodhisattva Vows, Five Forces

MC 7 Seven-fold Cause and Effect to Bodhicitta, Equalizing, Emptiness

The Heart of Cho, pp. 99 -148


Introduction to Tantra

More resources will be available.

The Heart of Cho, pp. 166 -191


Cho and Dakini

Lamrim Project - Topography of the Path (i.e. Pick one topic for studying more deeply and prepare to share/reflect with fellow pilgrims, orally or in a written form, during a monthly discussion group.)

The Heart of Cho, pp. 192 - 244


Guru Yoga

Group Meeting - Sharing and Dialogue with Khandro-la

MC 1 Golden Roof

The Heart of Cho, pp. 149 - 165



Below is a suggested plan for your personal retreat daily practice. 

  • A Six-Session Guru Yoga (with Subtle Body Movements)

  • A Thousand Angels

  • “Source of Good Qualities” (Lamrim Glance Meditation)

  • Your main Practice (Module Study, Contemplation and Meditation)

  • Dedication


Each person enters a journey from their own place and space, intention and motivation. If you require some guidance on designing the retreat according to your time constraints, please contact Ellen to schedule an interview with Khandro-la in advance.



NOTE: DW Journeys (Mahamudra, Cho Mastery and Kechara ) Retreats will gather at their regularly scheduled days and times.

Other key features include:


  • Monthly Gatherings. A monthly gathering of fellow pilgrims on the Journey will be held for support, inspiration and collective sharing. There will be a student-hosted gathering on ??? Sunday of each month, ??? pm, Pacific Time. This will be an opportunity to share experiences, personal creative expressions, learnings and reflections from self-inquiries, focusing on the specific module


  • LAMRIM RETREAT with Khandro-la. Monthly Gatherings of Modules 5 and 9 will be held as a Retreat with Khandro-la, 3-5 pm, Pacific Time and will include:

    • Teaching on the Lamrim and guided meditation by Khandro-la.

    • Sharing of pilgrims’ Dakini creative expressions. 

    • Dialogue with Khandro-la.

  • Culmination Project. The Foundations Journey immersion experience will culminate with a sharing of creative expressions of the stages of the path. 

  • OPTIONAL Lineage Practice. Students may decide to enter the blessings of the stream of the Ear-Whispered lineage. Dakini's Whisper offers Cho Mastery Journey and New Dakini Journey as well as Kechara Journey in addition to this Foundations Journey. 

  • Communal Dakini Corner Blog. Please make use of the communal Dakini Corner Blog on Dakini’s Whisper Website. This will be dedicated to discussion and dialogue among pilgrims. You will be encouraged to join in these dialogues to deepen your understanding and practice. You can also ask Khandro-la whatever questions you may have about this Journey on the Blog, in the section titled, “Ask Khandro-la.”

The new cycle starts on Feb. 2023. Enroll soon and journey at your own pace with ample support and structure over the next 9 months! Access to the modules will be ongoing, and students are strongly encouraged to follow the pilgrimage to completion within the designated time frame. 



This Journey is open to all practitioners regardless of the level of practice, who have a heart longing to deepen their spiritual practice. No Prerequisites except:


  • A commitment to complete each monthly module and wholeheartedly embrace the possibilities this Journey will offer to your Dharma practice.

  • A commitment to attend and participate in monthly Journey gatherings and retreats led by Khandro-la.

  • A basic understanding of the Buddha Dharma is strongly encouraged. However, if you are quite new to Dharma teaching, don’t worry. You will learn it through this journey.

  • Refuge and Bodhicitta vows are strongly recommended but not required.


All applicants are required to complete the Registration Form no later than January 30 and become a Supporting Level member or higher, setting up recurring payments as indicated below.


If you are a current Supporting or higher-Level Member:

  • Simply complete the Foundations Journey Registration Form below. No additional fee is required.

If you are not a Dakini’s Whisper Member:

  • Complete the Membership Form here first to join DW as either a Supporting or higher-level Member.

  • Set up your recurring PayPal payment accordingly.

  • Complete the Foundations Journey Registration Form below.

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