Alternating Saturdays and Sundays

Offered at Various Times to Accommodate Practitioners in Different Time Zones

Free and Open to All with the Chö Transmissions

Charnel Ground Group Discussion

Following each Sunday Practice

How to Practice a Chö (Chod) Ritual

Join Chöying Khandro and aspiring Chö practitioners from around the world for a weekly practice of the Ear-Whispered Chö! The empowerment, as well as various Chö transmissions, will be offered at the first Spring Retreat near Stockholm, Sweden. For retreat details, please visit here.


Chö practice was revealed by Machik Labdrön (11-12th cent.) and transmitted up to the current time, and is a radical method for cutting through ego-fixation and cultivating compassion and fearlessness. Our practice involves the entirety of body, speech and mind - playing musical instruments, chanting with melodies, and visualization and meditation.


Through the integration of all three, we welcome negative feelings or emotions which we have alienated and harmful forces that ordinarily give rise to fear and reactivity. We make offerings of our own body to nourish and satisfy these. In the process, we come to see the equality of all phenomena and our indestructible true nature.


**Please see the Calendar for upcoming practice dates and times. Once you select your desired day and register, you will be scheduled to receive a Zoom meeting invitation one hour before the starting time. Although there is no charge to participate in the online Chö Practice, donations and dana are always appreciated. If you haven't already, please also consider becoming a Dakini's Whisper member.

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