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A Short Golden Nectar Tea-Offering Practice to PALDEN LHAMO, VAJRAYOGINI and MAHAKALA

Updated: Jun 21

Every Monday, 4:30 - 5:15 pm, PDT

Every Friday, Noon - 12:45 pm, PDT

Do you find it difficult to sustain your tantric practice? Are there multiple impediments that prevent you from maintaining pure practice?Dharma Protectors and Protectoresses play an important role in removing obstacles in our tantric practice and helping us to sustain it. As tantric practitioners it is our responsibility to make connections to these powerful, awakened Dharma Friends and keep a meaningful relationship with them through regular offerings and praises, such as tea offerings or golden nectar offerings.

This Monday and Friday weekly practice will be alternated among a short golden nectar tea offering to Palden Lhamo, Vajrayogini and Mahakala.

The text is available at DW Media Store.


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