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CHÖ HEALING With Khandro-la From Collective and Personal Wounds

Saturday, July 15

3 pm - 4:30 pm, PDT

Open to All

Registration Required for Non-Members

Do you feel sometimes you don't know what to do with all

that's happening within you and the world outside?

Do you feel so tired or desperate

or simply sad about current situations, internal and external?

Join Khandro-la to bring your presence to this ancient HEALING ritual. Unveil and cultivate love and compassion toward the wounded parts of yourself and the world of struggle. Lie down and rest, allowing your own healing power to unfold.

CHÖ (CHOD) is an ancient Buddhist ritual known for its power to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease as well as environmental impediments or outer obstacles and other hindrances to spiritual growth - ultimately cutting through the root cause of all destructive emotions and suffering. Your presence in this ancient Buddhist ritual will cultivate healing, love, and compassion toward the wounded parts of yourself as well as the world of struggle.

Come to this potentially powerful healing event to relax. Simply lie down, rest and connect to your inherent healing power which resides within you to open your body and heart toward all beings. Please bring a blanket or mat to lay down on if you prefer.

If you wish to have someone (i.e. ill or recently deceased) included in a dedication of this healing practice, please send the names to Ellen at no later than Thursday, July 13, PDT.

DANA: If you are not a DW member, please kindly register. Dana is an option but appreciated as an expression of gratitude for the opportunity. Dana not only supports DW's special events but is used for the scholarship in Dakini’s Whisper. Please go here to register with DANA.


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