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Charnel Ground Dialog with Khandro-la - Go to the Place that Scares You

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

(following Cho Healing Practice with Khandro-la)


The opening which the Chö ritual provides at the end of practice is not just for resting in blissful states, which Khandro-la calls 'bliss-bypass'. It is instead the perfect opportunity for us to go deeper into our inner work. This time will be devoted to focusing on our blocks, blind spots, uncomfortable feelings, resistance and breakthrough experiences and how we can be present with them and have them 'liberated' without any expectation.

DW aims to create an open, sharing, and intimate environment, free of judgment and discrimination. Sharing our experience helps us to break down barriers in ourselves and is also beneficial for others. It also has the potential to keep us connected to humanity at a deep and intimate level.

If you are interested in diving deeply into your experience and sharing with others, we will have a brief pause at the end of practice and then commence our sharing.

For more information, please visit here.


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