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Dakini’s Whisper Launches A New DW TRAINING PROGRAM!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023



Saturday, Oct. 21, 6-7 am, PDT

Open to All, Members and Non-members

No registration is required for this event.

Our teacher Choying Khandro, like a caring mother to her own children, sees your awakening as dear to her heart. She believes in you and the time is now. With her 50 years of intensive pursuit, she brought from the Himalayas to the Western World the practices of Tibetan Vajrayana. Completely traditional and yet completely contemporary, Khandro-la is offering members of Dakini’s Whisper, guided Roadmaps to awakening, all based on the ancient wisdom of the Victorious Ones.

In a daring attempt, Dakini’s Whisper introduces the DW Training Program - An Ancient Awakening Path for Modern Practitioners to all members free of charge. This program consists of Three Streams (areas) and each stream is in Five Levels. Hoping you will find it helpful, like ladders to the top or pathways to a desired destination, DW Training is your companion on the awakening path. Please join us on this orientation facilitated by Khandro-la herself, with a Q&A session for all students.

Please visit our webpage describing this exciting program.


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