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Dakini’s Whisper Annual Online Fall Retreat

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


Teaching and Practice: Khenpo Gangshar's "Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet - Instructions to Guide You on the Profound Path"

Friday, November 13, 7 pm, PST

through Sunday, November 15, 1 pm, PST

OPEN TO ALL (No Pre-requisite for attendance)

Join Khandro-la and your fellow community members in this annual online retreat exploring our response to the ancient and contemporary dilemmas from the lens of the heart instructions of Mahamudra!

We may feel as if we are in the midst of the charnel ground, one of the most terrifying and challenging times and places in human history. In that very darkness, we find the precious jewels of illuminating instructions of awakened sages as teachings for us to face this challenge. Among those jewels, Khenpo Gangshar’s Naturally Liberating Whatever You Meet shines like a diamond on the peak of jewel mountains. This teaching was given at exactly such a time of great conflict and turmoil by Khenpo Gangshar foreseeing the difficulties in Tibet in 1957. It is the mind instruction for our time, a “life-saver” for practitioners to awaken and serve.

In this year’s DW annual Fall online retreat, we will delve into this precious root text with auto-commentary. It is profound, consisting of the pith instructions of Mahamudra, and yet it is concise and easy for any aspiring student to put into practice especially in the most challenging times.