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DAKINI SUBTLE BODY SADHANA - Subtle Body Yoga, Basics 1

Updated: Nov 14, 2023


Five Saturdays, December 2 - 30

1 – 2:30 pm, PST

Enlightenment arises from within the body,

Or it does not arise at all.

Unless the body is realized as a perfect vessel for liberation,

Freedom from conditioned existence remains only an imaginary dream.

-Yeshe Tsogyal

(artwork by Yen Chuo)

Join your fellow yogis and yoginis for the first series of SUBTLE BODY YOGA, Basics 1. Explore the basic movements and postures that will become your sadhana, “means of accomplishment” to untie the knots in the subtle body and to bring your psycho-physical body into balance! Knots and kinks within and around the subtle body manifest as hindrances in our physical, psychological, and emotional dimensions. SUBTLE BODY YOGA connects with our subtle, feeling, and energetic bodies, intimately and directly. 

SUBTLE BODY YOGA is an integrated, transformative spiritual training based on advanced Tantric theory. It weaves together tantric subtle body-oriented practices, chanting, meditation, and breathing, as well as the contemporary discipline of yoga biomechanics.​ 

The beginnings of the yogic tradition can be traced back over 5,000 years ago in India, when ancient yogis and yoginis engaged in physical exercises along with pranayama (breathing the life force) to prepare their bodies for long periods of seated meditation. This series could lead you to a unique and evolutionary home study experience resulting in genuine transformation.

Whether you are new to the path of Buddhist Tantric practice or yoga, or are an experienced student or teacher, we invite you to join us for this unique and potent exploration of DAKINI SUBTLE BODY YOGA as SADHANA to support your Dharma practice and your life of service to others! 

For DW Training SUBTLE BODY YOGA Stream students, this series is a Level 1 transmission and practice. During this series, there will be a reading assignment of Chapter Eight, Dakini As the Subtle Body, pp. 180 - 202, in Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World by Choying Khandro.

Check out what SUBTLE BODY YOGA students say about the class!


Free of charge for Turquoise (Sponsor) Members (3 free series per year), Ruby Members (2 free series per year), and Emerald Members (1 free series per year). Donations are welcome and appreciated.

$75 for other DW Members 

$95 for Non-Members

$20 for Drop-In

Please register in advance by completing the form HERE and submitting the corresponding payment by November 25, 2023. If you are not submitting payment, please register via email to Registrants will receive a Zoom Meeting link and any supplementary material needed.

​Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process before registration.


Prepare to use these yogic props during class: 

Yoga blankets (or alternative)

Yoga strap (or alternative)

Theraband (or alternative)


  • This class is open to all levels of physical ability. However, please notify us if there is any specific physical condition of which we may need to be aware such as high blood pressure. 

  • Avoid eating heavy food one hour before the class.  

  • We will use both standing and seated postures and movements so please arrange the computer accordingly in advance. 

  • Please wear light clothing that allows you to touch your skin directly.

  • Keep your video on during the sessions.

  • Prepare some blankets and a pillow to lay down on the floor for restorative posture in the end.

  • Recordings of the session will not be available so please do your best to attend all the sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen at


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