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DW 2022 Fall Online Retreat - Chö empowerment & a Three-Months Householder’s Retreat

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Friday - Sunday, Nov. 18 - 20, PST

Open to All Dakini’s Whisper Members

(Required by Cho Mastery Journey Pilgrims)


Non-Members Who Have Tantric Vows

(Become a member of Dakini’s Whisper here)

Registration Required

Deep practice is the core of our commitment to waking up to our lives in this world of complexity. The opportunity to receive this Cho Empowerment of the Ear-Whispered Lineage is rare indeed, and the blessings and merit are immense and endless! Join fellow Dakini’s Whisper’s yogis and yoginis on this 3-day Retreat to make a new or renewed commitment to the lineage practices and tantric vows, and to receive lineage blessings to enhance your practice. 

This will also be an auspicious occasion for Dakini’s Whisper members to embark on a personal householder Three-Months Five Dakini or Troma Nakmo Retreat which will be supported by Khandro-la and the sangha. Opportunities for group practice will be held twice a month to support your personal practice, one by Khandro-la and another by senior students.

For more information and registration, please go here.


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