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Five Dakini Retreat - Chö Preliminary Practice - August 11-14

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

This Five Dakini Retreat entails taking the first step deep into the stunning river of blessings which is the essential working basis for Vajrayana and Chö. Seeing these practices resonate so strongly with the Spring retreat participants, Khandro-la has been inspired to offer it to Pith Track trainees and others who have the time and inclination. It includes Tantric practice - visualization and mantra recitation while embodying the awakened energy of Chö Deities - Prajnaparamita and the Five Dakinis.

This retreat is called "the Preliminary to the Sacred Chö Practice" and is a prerequisite for further Chö practices. Retreatants are required to complete a certain number of mantra recitation with visualization, which can be continued as a daily practice after the retreat. Then we will perform fire puja together upon the completion during Dakinis Whisper's 2nd annual retreat in 2020.

More information, including the full practice schedule and registration form, is available here:


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