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New Book Release Events - "The Heart of Chö"

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

"The Heart of Cho" available on Amazon

A volume of Khandro-la's teachings, compiled and edited to provide an overview of the foundations of Chö practice, is now available for purchase on Amazon! (Those outside the United States can just search for "The Heart of Cho" on your country's Amazon page.) No matter what our familiarity is with foundational teachings on renunciation, refuge, bodhicitta, emptiness, guru yoga, and the basics of Vajrayana and Chö, Khandro-la's teachings offer heartfelt inspiration and encourage us to reflect deeply on how we might integrate them into our lives on and off the cushion. It is a study guide that students in the Ear-Whispered lineage can take with them on the path, but it is also an accessible and very readable introduction for those just embarking upon the path. When you are finished, please consider leaving a review! 

The August 30, 12 - 1p, DW Sunday will also be a celebration of the publication of Khandro-la’s book, The Heart of Chö, Vol. 1, Chö Foundations, during which Foundations teaching will be featured. Khandro-la will also offer the transmission of Lama Tsongkhapa’s Three Principal Aspects of the Path. 

September 26, 10:30-11:30a  A Book Release Event will be hosted by Tara Rose, Washington DC. JOIN US!


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