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PALDEN LHAMO, TERRIFYING PROTECTRESS WHO AVERTS WAR - Transmission of Mantra and the Short Practice

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Monday May..., 4:30 - 5:30 pm, Pacific Time



Your mind knows everything

in essence and in detail;

you never leave the sphere of emptiness,

but out of compassion

You tame enemies and obstacles,

every method at your command.

I praise you, conquering female

with a glorious body, speech and mind."

As war and armies loom large in our lives no matter where we live, and we continue to face multiple adversities, personally and globally, we are called to practice deeply, invoking PALDEN LHAMO, Terrifying Protectress. Khandro-la will offer the Transmission of the mantra and the short practice of Tea Offering for Palden Lhamo. This special event is open to the public. However, it is intended for those who are willing and committed to putting this into practice with altruistic intention at this time. The transmission will be followed by the practice.

Participation in this online Transmission requires that each person display their name and keep their video on during the entire session. Hope to see you at this opportunity for us to receive transmission and practice together at Zoom link -


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