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Practice with Khandro-la - DW Members' Group Sessions - Deepen Your Practice!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Open to DW Members

Every Second Thursday of the Month

4 - 5:30 pm, PST

Our personal practice is the heart of our journey. Khandro-la lead monthly group sessions to provide DW members opportunities to learn and integrate certain meditation and sadhana practices into their daily Dharma life. There are many levels in terms of learning these practices - from coarse to subtle, simple to more complicated, and literal to ultimate. In these group sessions, Khandro-la will offer guidance related to these levels for all students who engage in these practices on the path.

The session will usually be followed by Charnel Ground Dialogue, 5:30-6 pm, PST.

Open to DW Members. NO registration is required.


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