Updated: Sep 2

DW is happy to announce the beginning of Dakini's Whisper Sangha Sundays. Up to this point, we have scheduled activities on somewhat of an ad-hoc basis, but the time feels ripe to establish more consistency in our programming. In particular, we want to offer a regularly-scheduled assembly that is always open to the public. The aim of Dakini’s Whisper (DW) Sundays is based on our mission of inclusivity and accessibility. These Sunday sessions make ancient Buddhist teachings and practices, which are relevant to the modern lives we all live, available to a wider audience.

DW Sundays are free and open to everyone and will include transmissions, teachings, practices, workshops, subtle body training, and more. Each Sunday’s public session will unfold as a unique opportunity to establish a spiritual container that nourishes participants’ journeys.

The first Sunday session, at 10 am - 11:30 am PST (1 - 2:30 pm EST) will be a time for teachings and workshops that for the most part require either transmission or participation in the Dakini or Cho Mastery journeys. (This session will not take place on the Sunday following our monthly Saturday Dakini Journey retreat.) 

There will then be a break from 11:30 - 12 noon PST (2:30-3pm EST). Participants of the earlier session are welcome to join again for the second, or not. 


The second Sunday session, at 12 noon - 1 pm PST (3 pm - 4 pm EST) will be open to everyone, and may include practices, teachings, workshops, subtle body training, and more. Over time, we want to establish a nourishing spiritual container, and there may be a short practice that we perform on a regular basis as part of these sessions. 

This new Sunday schedule will begin August 16 at 10 am, PST (1pm EST). Certainly let me know if you have any feedback, concerns, or questions. I look forward to joining you in this next unfolding of Dakini's Whisper. 

September Schedule - Teaching, Transmission, and Practice In Times of Turmoil

Sep. 17 Guru Yoga of Machik Labdron

Sep. 20 Machik's Five Slogans

Sep. 27 Cho: Fierce Tonglen - The Seven PEs

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