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Subtle Body Training with Pranayama & Tsa-Lung

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

All the yogic practices including Pranayama (breathwork) and Tsa-lung (Psychic Energy Pathways and Psychic Energy Wind) practices have been developed to assist yogis and yoginis' realization of true nature. In the Subtle Body Training, we would like to move the subtler and deeper realm of the body of intelligence by exploring the internal reality of these exercises.

Specifically, this last Subtle Body Training series of 2019 culminates with the exploration of pranayama and tsa-lung, which run throughout the subtle body. During this five-week journey, each week of the series will build upon the prior week. If you are not ready to move on to the next week, you may take 2 weeks to practice Week One. Class materials will be provided. This series will offer you the basic experiential knowledge of the subtle body that assists you in deepening your meditation and Vajrayana practice.

Please join us in this five-week exploration of the contemplative and embodied practice which will be laid out systematically and sequentially. Learn a series of pranayama and tsa-lung techniques experientially in order to help you stimulate and awaken the source within and deepen your own radiance and inner beauty. Come along with us as we experience together this profound and joyful journey.

For more info and registration, please go here.


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