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Mar 10, 2024
In Dakinis At Your Fingertips
This, in a folded and chewed piece of paper! So much fun discovering! and a toothpick in a garlic bulb? and a tight camellia bloom!
Art within life, or life within art? content media
Jan 20, 2024
In Diving Into "DAKINI PATH"
Ferocity is what brought me to Dakinis Whisper. It was Chö, which seemed such a ferocious practice when I first read about it in Khandro-la's aricle in Lion's Roar. It grabbed my heart. It still does. Perhaps it awakened and still awakens the ferocity within me.. Growing up afraid of any fierce-ness... in me, or anyone or anything else, I learned to avoid it outside of me and cover it up within me. I covered it with a blanket of 'gentle-ness'. I see that now as a fierce-gentleness, not an escape. And now I recognize ferocity as something that magnetizes me!
Aug 30, 2023
In NEW Dakini Journey
With this Journey, these teachings, readings, contemplations and sharing as our sacred guide, We’ve delved into the depths where truths reside. Embracing the feminine energy’s grace, We’ve danced with confidence into the mystical embrace.   Seeking Wisdom’s whisper, I’ve ventured far- Through ancient masters’ teachings that have been shimmering stars, Meditation’s grace, a tranquil forest hut retreat, Unveiling the Dakini, oh, so sweet!   Nature as a sanctuary, my sacred shrine, Where the Dakini’s essence is so entwined. I hiked the trails of Yosemite and breathes the Pacific’s salt air, Throughout green casts, puppy snuggles, and ashes flying, her presence whispered, “I’m always there.”   Trusting this conviction, another celestial guide, I’m letting go of doubts, hopes and fears, In the whispers, I confide. The Dakini’s wisdom, from deep within, A symphony of truth, that does not run thin.   Oh, Dakini, within me, you do reside. In every beat of my heart, your presence implied. With each breath I take, I know your embrace, Guiding me along with love and grace. (And sometimes a little kick in the butt!)   In finding the Dakini, I’m finding a part of me- A journey of self-discovery- Wrathful, alluring, fierce and kind, wild and free. Embracing all is Wisdom’s sacred key. Hello, again, precious Dakini. Dakinis Dancing video
At the end of the New Dakini Journey content media


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