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Study, Meditate & Practice 

through self-paced online courses and other sources of instruction and

an inspiration that will ignite your path!

“When you have grasped the essential points of 

each of the three principal paths as explained, 

then go into isolation, my child, 

make mighty efforts, and 

quickly win your ultimate wish!”

- Lama Tsongkhapa

Are you an aspiring yogi or yogini who doesn’t have much flexible time to join live classes but wants to deepen your practice? Do you want to learn and actually taste the dharma in your life?

Dakini’s Whisper offers a broad and expansive array of resources for dharma practitioners and curious learners. From formal studying opportunities, sadhana texts and ancient chanting melodies, to publications and teachings of our teacher, Khandro-la, and authentic shared heart journeys on social media and blogs, we invite you to delve into Dakini’s Whisper Resources!



is an excellent next step if you've dipped your toes into the practice and felt a resonance. Members receive discounts on retreats and workshops and have the opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum with Khandro-la.

Membership is also a great way simply to support Dakini's Whisper, our teacher, and her ongoing teaching activities, translations, and other dharma offerings. For more information, please click here.

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