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Dakini's Whisper

Dakini's Whisper Scholarships

Dakini's Whisper offers scholarships to aspiring students who seek the support of a sliding scale fee.  We are able to do this thanks to the contributions of donors within our DW community. By doing so, practitioners are blessed with an opportunity to receive teachings, practice and meditate with DW, regardless of financial ability. This allows the sangha to grow and the Ear-Whispered lineage teachings to spread.


To help sustain our scholarship program, we may ask scholarship participants to contribute to the DW community by providing volunteer work (see opportunities below).


If you wish to apply for our scholarship program, please complete the following form:

DW Scholarship Request Form

Thank you for submitting!

DW Team will respond to your request as soon as possible. You will be notified via email from


Volunteer Opportunities

Dakini'Whisper is a small sangha that is not connected with a formal monastery or large Dharma center. Like the wandering yogis and yoginis of our lineage masters, we are independent and yet interconnected in our support of DW. Our teacher, Khandro-la, works tirelessly to share the teachings with both DW students and the general public. Much goes on “behind the scenes” to make DW’s vast array of Journeys, eLearning courses, teaching series, and group practices available and we depend largely on the generous support of volunteers. If you have special expertise in a particular area or just an interest in providing support to DW, please contact


Below are some examples of DW Volunteer opportunities: 

  • Transcription of teaching videos

  • Editing and time-stamping teaching videos

  • Creating subtitles for YouTube offerings

  • Website and SEO eLearning course development

  • Writing, reviewing and editing requests - monthly Journal, eLearning, announcements, new materials, etc.

  • Special projects (vary, as needed)

  • Membership outreach & promotion

Volunteer Reflections
What Do Volunteers Say About Th
eir Opportunities?

Volunteering, A Gift to Myself

Being given the option to volunteer with the DW community has helped my personal practice experience expand into a greater sense of belonging within this lineage. The Volunteer Coordinator appreciates the skills each volunteer is able to provide and assists Khandro-la in finding the right person for the task. After a while, volunteering for Khandro-la doesn't feel like volunteering!

​- Kate T.

Through having the opportunity to serve as a volunteer transcriber and reviewer of written text, I’ve learned so much about all different aspects of the theory behind the practices and the practices themselves. It doesn’t feel like work when I’m volunteering.  After repeatedly listening to Khandro-la’s words to do an accurate transcription or rereading text to make edits, many phrases and ideas remain with me as I go about my life. By volunteering in these ways, I feel like I am receiving a gift because of how connected I feel to the precious teachings.

- Susan F.

Volunteering at Dakini's Whisper is the most gratifying 'homework' I have ever done. Reviewing videos and transcribing them or 'breaking' them into chapters, brings a deepening of my comprehension of Khandro-la's teachings and it is a great way to still kind of be a part of a meeting I have not attended. I could recommend this to everyone who is able and willing to spend extra time on dharma practice.

- Hester B.

It all started with a simple request to assist in transcribing video recordings of Khandro-la's teachings. I was newly retired with plenty of time on my hands and so I happily volunteered to help! What I didn't realize was how this volunteer time was actually also part of my path. With each teaching that I transcribed, I realized the unlimited depth of understanding and practice that is available in KL's teachings. The richness of the experience called me further into volunteer support and now as the volunteer coordinator, my life is filled with Dakinis - external and internal! Sometimes I call myself an "accidental volunteer" because I never dreamed I would be so immersed in the volunteer support of DW. But here I am, with a grateful heart.

- Ellen G.

The volunteer work at DW could not be defined in a common sense, it's an experience of extraordinaire. The blessings are undeniable, I believe that the past lineage masters are showering compassion to this port of Dakas and Dakinis. The rolling cycle of giving and taking has continuously manifested wisdom and bliss that is beyond words, truly amazing!

- Louise L.

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