The Six-Week Ear-Whispered Series

Foundations of Chö  (Chod)

With the Oral Transmission of

“The Seven ‘PÉ’s” – the Most Concise Ear-Whispered Chö

Open to all - new and experienced practitioners


This six-week Ear-Whispered series is devoted to the exploration of Chö Foundations, the core of the entire Buddhist teachings, the basis of our most profound transformation in Vajrayana and Chö practice.


Chö, a radical method for cutting through self-fixation and cultivating compassion and fearlessness, was considered to be by previous masters a gem atop the palace called the Three Principal Aspects of the Path: Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and Wisdom. We will explore the groundwork of this gem by establishing the solid foundation of motivation that leads to the genuine determination to be free (Renunciation), the sturdy walls of the Mahayana path (Bodhicitta), and the golden roof of Vajrayana (Wisdom of Emptiness and Presence). 


The series will begin with the lineage oral transmission of PÉ DÜNMA: the Seven ‘PÉ’s - Extremely Abbreviated Instructions on the Chö of the Ear-Whispered Lineage.This is the most concise Ear-Whispered Lineage Chö practice, composed by our lineage master, wandering yogi Kelden Gyatso, (1607-1677) and conducted entirely through meditation. We’ll also receive oral and musical transmission and commentary on the Chö Foundations, which encompass Chö Preliminaries and Conclusion Practices according to the Ear-Whispered Chö Lineage.


Each week we will focus on a specific aspect of the foundation teachings and discussion to prepare the emotional and psychological ground for our advanced spiritual practice to unfold, in addition to traditional transmission. We invite you all regardless of your experience in Buddhist practice or Chö practice to join Chöying for this cultivation of the vital and rich soil out of which the entire spiritual practice blossoms on many levels: emotionally, psychologically and spiritually!


***This series can be taken by live interactive video or video recordings.

All Participants require registration to receive a Zoom Meeting invitation.

***The DW Five-Year Program students are required to take this series either by live video or recordings.


​​The cost is $75 for members, $150 for non-members. (Scholarships are available.)



Six Sundays May 13 – June 17

10:00 am -  11:00 am, Pacific Time