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What Do Students Say About Dakini's Whisper?

Choying Khandro teaches with great heart and great insight. She approaches the Dharma with simplicity and devotion and cuts through to the heart of the teachings in a fresh, exciting way. Her teachings on the profound path of Ganden Chod and Machig's Ear-Whispered lineage are contemporary while maintaining the rigor of their ancient origins.



Choying radiates kindness and compassion in sharing these profound teachings. She generates a sincere motivation to deepen our practice through her tender guidance and meaningful questions.  I feel blessed and honored to receive the gifts of her wisdom and presence.



Choying communicates with the freshness and spontaneity drawn from experience. Whether one is an ‘old student’ or new to the dharma Choying is able to make a meaningful connection to others with humility and joy.



Choying compassionately dances the mandala of body, speech .and mind into our practice. Pointing out with wisdom grounded in experience, the essence of practice. She makes these cultural and ancient wisdom traditions relevant and available for us to embody. In my experience, her approach of combining body and mind awareness practice is unique and essential for experiencing freedom.



Choying has been a wonderful teacher, offering a rare and precious lineage.  She presents the teachings in a  clear, inspiring, and compassionate way, and organizes her material in ways that make it easy to understand.  She is a deep practitioner and sincerely takes a personal interest in every one of her students.



Every session with Chöying I feel happier and blessed in my heart! I do feel a Great Mother holding me. I have never been so deep in the understanding of my Dharma Practice than now. And the most important part of Chöying‘s teaching for me is - how to be on the Path out of the cushion. Cho in the Ganden Tradition is beautiful, amazing, transformative, inspiring and really deep! I’m so grateful to be a part of the 5-year Dakinis-Whisper program and all other courses!



The way Choying has opened our meditations and gone through the body, to the mind, to refuge has been, to me, exquisitely beautiful.  I have been approaching each of my own sessions this way since the first class of this series; every day it still seems new, and invigorating to begin refuge in this direct, loving way.



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