Dakini's Whisper Online Class

Dakinis Subtle Body Training

with the Energy Centers


Starting Thursday, November 1st

(No class on Nov. 22nd, but 21st instead)

Open to All

Tapping into Your Inner Resources during Turbulent Times!

Restore Wholeness | Integrate Dharma Practice  

Therapeutic Intervention | Trauma-Informed Training



Every Thursday Starting November 1st 

(no class on Nov. 22nd but 21st at 12 noon)

11:00 am -  12:20 pm, Pacific Time



   Non-members 5 Weeks $95

Members 5 Weeks $75


Registration is required in advance

to receive an invitation.

For those who might like to try out a session first or a few, we are offering a "drop-in" option. 




This series will be the last series offered this year.


Join us in diving deeply into the wisdom and compassion embodied in this transformative practice.  During turbulent times a transformation is being called from within. In order to rise into our life horizons in the midst of challenges, we seek community, tranquility, curiosity, courage, and transformation.


The DAKINIS Subtle Body Training (DSBT) is deeply rooted in ancient Vajrayana teachings on the five elements and five facets of “timeless awareness”. This training is devoted to Therapeutic Mind-Body-Heart Training, which interweaves a set of exercises from Tibetan Wisdom Tradition, meditation, and yoga therapy.


Restore the Wholeness

DSBT offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the dimensions of the mind-body-heart system through interdisciplinary tools aimed at healing their relationship to their wholeness.


Integrate Dharma Practice

DSBT is designed to assist practitioners (i.e. Vajrayana and Chö) in integrating Buddhism, advanced Vajrayana techniques, body-oriented disciplines, and spiritual psychology into a skillful practice to balance the body, heart, mind, and awareness, and to rediscover our personal authenticity, that is, who and what we truly are.


Therapeutic Intervention

DSBT aims to untie the knots in our energy system and open the energy flows of the body. These exercises influence our entire body from the physical to the most subtle and profound energy levels. This integrative approach employs skillful and evidence-based methods for moving toward wholeness on many levels - psychological, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal.


The Approach

is pragmatic, accessible and inclusive. We join together a body-oriented, trauma-informed, psychologically-nuanced discipline and yoga therapeutics available in the West with the Subtle Body practice and profound teachings from the ancient Buddhist Wisdom tradition. HOW these tools are provided and integrated has a significant impact on its efficacy.


Fee and Registration

Members 5 Weeks $75, Non-members 5 Weeks $95, Single Drop-In $20, 

To register, please send the fee directly to dakiniswhisper@gmail.com via PayPal.



This Integrative Mind-Body-Heart Training Highlights:


  • Introduction to DAKINIS Subtle Body Training, which incorporates Vajrayana teachings and helps to bring the view into our direct experience 

  • The deepening and embodiment of Dharma Practice in one’s three-dimensional body

  • The return to Wholeness and Innate basic Goodness

  • Accessible/Inclusive Physical and Psychological Integrative Training Alternatives

  • The integration of East and West, Mind and Body, Contemplative and Active Processes

  • Therapeutic Interventions to Encourage Integration and Well-being

  • Embracing the Human Condition and Unfolding Potentials

  • Empowerment into Ordinary Miracles

  • Breaking the barrier between the inner and outer & the self and others


Chöying Khandro, MA, Founder, and Spiritual Director of Dakini’s Whisper, brings to this training her years of study and practice in Buddhist traditions, trauma-informed yoga, and yoga therapy. Chöying brings out the efficacy of ancient Buddhist wisdom for healing, nourishment, and empowerment in conjunction with embodied body-oriented contemplative movement practice. Chöying offers the DAKINIS Subtle Body Training as a complementary or even mandatory practice for serious Vajrayana and Chö practitioners with her pragmatic approach.


This class is open to all levels of physical ability. However, please notify us if there is any specific physical and mental condition to be noted you may have.  We look forward to welcoming you...


Please register in advance online by the form below. You will receive a Zoom Meeting invitation at least one hour before the class starts.




It has been a wondrous enrichment to my practice to participate in the Subtle Body Yoga Class with Lama Choying. Experiencing Vajrayana principles with yoga, song and dance has deeply supported my ability to embody my deity practices, and to more deeply understand Vajrayana concepts and teachings. The experiences stay with me throughout the course of my day and I find myself, as examples, exploring the elements, or reconnecting with my central channel, before going to sleep, while walking outside, or in the midst of a difficult emotion.


Lama Choying and her teachings have been extremely supportive, kind, funny, and culturally relevant to this white Western woman with a love for things Tibetan and Buddhist. She has also helped me modify the exercises based on my medical needs and ability. My body feels far more alive, engaged, and peaceful. My practice is richer, and my ability to understand what I am reading and learning in book study and in my personal learning is greatly enhanced. I highly recommend these series to any serious Vajrayana practitioner who wishes to live the concepts and principles of Buddhism in the course of their daily life.



Choying Khandro teaches with great heart and great insight. She approaches the Dharma with simplicity and devotion and cuts through to the heart of the teachings in a fresh, exciting way. Her teachings on the profound path of Ganden Chod and Machig's Ear-Whispered lineage are contemporary while maintaining the rigor of their ancient origins.



Integrating the Subtle Body Training into my meditations has helped me to more deeply embody and feel the practices in my subtle body.  This is much more than a set of exercises. The movements come from ancient traditions and include holding different meditative views while moving.  Choying’s joyful way of teaching builds confidence, capability, integration, and love of practice.


Ashland, OREGON

I was looking for this many years! The subtle body practice is a part of my Dharma Journey. And I find it here. With my Beloved Teacher. Choying, every lesson with her brings me deep spiritual insights. She gives a lot of useful practical ideas, which you can adapt to any level of Buddhist practice and physical activity... Every online meeting it is also an amazing connection with a community from all over the world. It has a family-like atmosphere, a lot of joy and support. And I just love Choying’s brilliant sense of humor!


Moscow, RUSSIA

Choying compassionately dances the mandala of body, speech, and mind into our practice. Pointing out with wisdom grounded in experience, the essence of practice. She makes these cultural and ancient wisdom traditions relevant and available for us to embody. In my experience, her approach of combining body and mind awareness practice is unique and essential for experiencing freedom.


Portland, OREGON

I am a trauma-focused bodywork therapist and have been pleasantly surprised to discover how closely aligned Choying's subtle body yoga techniques are with my somatic trainings. Her focus on being present with and befriending "what is" within the body while engaging in various movements has accelerated my own physical and psychological healing. Each live session is interactive, and each is recorded to provide a wonderful support for the subsequent daily practice. I highly recommend this series to anyone wishing to improve their physical and emotional health!



Just fantastic to have the videos from the sessions divided into chapters with titles of them, so if you want to focus on specific practices it is very easy to find them. Terrific too if you don't have time to do a full session.


Stockholm, SWEDEN

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