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Dakini's Whisper Master Course 4

Chö Practice Basics II

In-depth Commentary on Chö Ritual

Six Sundays beginning May 19, 2019

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm, Pacific Time


the completion of Master Course 3: Chö Practice Basics I --

Chö Whispered From the Mount of Bliss

Free for Five Year Chö Mastery Trainees

$60 for Other Members

$120 for Non-Members


This Six-Week Series will consist of in-depth commentary and exploration of the Chö liturgy based on Dedicating One’s Illusory Body as a Feast Offering according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage.


Each class is designed to deconstruct the magic of Chö liturgy and clarify its essential mechanism at various levels - literal, psychological, social, interpersonal & spiritual. Through this exploration, we can connect more deeply to the power of Chö, bringing about our own transformation and realizing the experiential unfolding of our true nature.


We will be using various commentaries on Chö ritual by great Chö masters, including Machik Labdron. This series is offered as a follow-up to the Chö Ritual Basics I - Master Course 3  and is a perfect companion for deepening your Chö practice. Completion of Master Course 3 is required


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. This program is free for those in the Chö Mastery Training Program. The cost for the entire series is $60 for members who are not in the Training Program and $120 for non-members.

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