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Monthly Journals/Newsletters are published regularly featuring topics that embrace DW’s “completely traditional, completely contemporary” approach. Teachings from Khandro-la, remembrances of ancient sages and ancient wisdom, as well as student reflections about personal experiences, focus on themes such as Awakening to Our Deepest Caring; Refuge, Becoming an Inner Being; Subtle Body: Meeting the Dakini, and Practicing in the Charnel Ground.


(​Why Empowerment and Vows?

The occasion of DW’s Vajrayogini Empowerment Retreat)

(Entering Tantra)

(Graduated Stages of the Path, A Supported Personal Retreat, A One-month Deep Dive Immersion)

(“Songs of Spiritual Experience,” Part 2:  Importance of Study, Contemplation, and Meditation of Lamrim for Tantric Practitioners)

Journeying with the Dakinis:  Completion of One-Year Immersion into Dakini Teachings)

(​Exploration of the Eleven Yogas of 

Vajrayogini Revealed by Naropa:  A Pilgrimage to Vajrayogini Practice, One Body, One Lifetime)

(Stages of the Path and Our Journey, Part  1, in conjunction with “Songs of SpiritualExperience” by Lama Tsongkhapa)

(The Kechara Journey, Same as June 2021)

​(Prayers and Bodhicitta, Our First Cho Monlam Prayer Festival)

  • Dakini’s Whisper Response to Confronting Times

  • March 2021 

(Practice at the Time of Pandemic)

(Chö, Severence:  Fierce Compassion in Times of Global Pandemic and Personal Wounds)

(Fierce Compassion in Times of Crisis from the Global Pandemic to Personal Wounds, Student Reflections)

(Bodhicitta, The Deepest Caring When Things Are Falling Apart)

(DW’s 2021 Offerings: Bodhicitta–Moving into the Deepest Caring)


(DW’S End of Year Celebration: Embracing and Transforming a Year of Intensity)

(Crucial Advice for Times of Turmoil:  Taking Joy and Sorrow as the Path) 

(Dakinis: Completely Traditional, Completely Contemporary)

(In the Charnel Ground)

​(DW Sunday Public Teachings:

Ancient Wisdom Teaching, Transmission, and 

Practice in Times of Turmoil)

(​Foundations of Chö:  Renunciation,

Bodhicitta, and Emptiness)

(Sacred Outlook:  Seeing the Sacred in the Ordinary)

(The Dakini One-Year Journey:  A Journey within a Journey)

(The Bodhisattva Challenge)

(Practice at the Time of Pandemic)





(BODHICITTAJourney with Vajrayogini from the City of Joy to the City of Joy)

("One Time, One Meeting" with Bodhicitta)

(​REFLECTIONS on Journeys of Aspiring Bodhisattvas)

(Cho Severance - Preparing for Dakini's Body, Speech and Mind Empowerment)


(Body in Tantra and Contemporary Life)​


(A Householder's Retreat - Stepping Away & Stepping Into)

(Rabbit On The Moon - Awakening to Our Deepest Caring)


(Reflections of 2022 - A Year of Dakini

Celebration and Gratitude)

(Practicing in the Charnel Ground, Chaos and Freedom)

(Flavors of The Mystical Ear-Whispered Lineage)

(Compelling Offerings for October 2022)

(THE SUBTLE BODY, Meet the Dakini Here)

(Dakini: Devotion and Blessings)

(Refuge: Becoming an Inner Being)

(Human Journey, Spiritual Journey:  One Journey with Dakini’s Whisper Mid-Year Reflections)

(Three Convictions of Tantric Practitioners)

(Personal Retreat:  A Compelling Call to the Heart of Practice)

(What is my Dharma Asking me to do Amidst the Darkness of the World?)

(Broken Hearts, Open Hearts: Living Our Vows During Times of Loss and Grief)



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