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"The Heart of Chö, Volume 1 Chö Foundations"
available on Amazon

"A volume of Khandro-la's teachings, compiled and edited to provide an overview of the foundations of Chö practice, is now available for purchase on Amazon! (Those outside the United States can just search for "The Heart of Chö," on your country's Amazon page.)


No matter what our familiarity is with foundational teachings on renunciation, refuge, bodhicitta, emptiness, guru yoga, and the basics of Vajrayana and Chö, Khandro-la's teachings offer heartfelt inspiration and encourage us to reflect deeply on how we might integrate them into our lives on and off the cushion.


It is a study guide that students in the Ear-Whispered lineage can take with them on the path, but it is also an accessible and very readable introduction for those just embarking upon the path. When you are finished, please consider leaving a review! 

"Welcoming to the Charnel Ground"
Buddhadharma Winter 2020

"Chöying Khandro takes us on a tour of Chöd, where we visit the places we don’t want to go and offer ourselves up to the things that frighten us the most." - Buddhadharma Magazine

"My son died unexpectedly when he was sixteen. In the charnel ground of my grief, Chöd cracked open the hope and fear at the core of my wounded heart. There is also a collective charnel ground of chaos and fear; there, too, Chöd pierces like a laser beam through the core of karmic patterns and calls us home to who and what we truly are..."

Read the article by Khandro-la here.

"Teachings from the Machik Dakini Lineage"
Guru Jagat's Interview With Chöying Khandro

In August 2020, Guru Jagat, founder of Ra Ma Institute, a yoga studio dedicated to spreading kundalini to a new generation, interviewed our teacher as part of what Guru Jagat called, “an immense grace program.” In this interview, Khandro-la talks about Dakini teachings and practices, particularly from an elemental perspective. As you read, listen, and practice, you will see that Dakinis are the gateway connecting and merging our human journey and our spiritual journey. As we explore and awaken to the energies and qualities of dakinis already in us, we experience their essence as a spectrum of energy - one taste. “And that’s not the end of the story,” as Khandro-la says. Then we can serve all beings! Enjoy the wisdom and bodhicitta expressed in this interview.

"A Conversation with Chöying Khandro on Spiritual Authenticity and Honesty"

For Khandro-la “personal authenticity” boils down to whether she is moving toward inner freedom. She wishes for us to ask whether or not any choice that we make brings growth in personal authenticity. That determines whether we are moving toward freedom or bondage. “If I feel more genuine and honest and stand in my own shoes or ‘walk the talk’ so to speak, I know I’m moving toward freedom. Even when feel inauthenticity, if I rest in the experience of my own inauthenticity genuinely and honestly, I still feel that I’m moving toward freedom.”

The ultimate question, for Khandro-la, is simple at heart: Is the life I’m living experienced truly meaningful or purposeful to me? This is a profound invitation to recover the relationship between your human self and True Thusness, Buddha-nature—the Great Mother.”

"Blessings That Brought Me to Three-Year Retreat"

"In the spring of 2013, I found myself in a tiny house in the midst of an Oregon forest, nestled under towering Douglas fir trees and surrounded by green moss and thick grass. Next to my cabin flowed a beautiful creek.

The water originated from snowmelt in the Oregon Cascade mountains. That creek flows to the McKenzie River and eventually empties onto the Oregon coast.

This forest was to become my secluded home for my solitary retreat, for the next three and half years..."

"The Heartbreak of Possibility
Love & Liberation Interview with Chöying Khandro

*Sudden loss of her son

*Heartbreak as possibility

*Committing to feeling her son's death fully

*Fierce vajrayana tonglen as a path of working with grief

*Body awareness practice for emotional healing and health

*Death & the Bodhisattva path

*Absolute truth needed in the world of conflict

*Her teacher Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche

*3 Dimensions of Chöd: Outer, inner and sacred

*7-evening wandering retreat

*100 spring 4-month wandering retreat in Mongolia

*Subtle body training to keep sanity

*Working with Coronavirus

*Healing through relationship

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