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The Heart of
Chö, Volume Two" 

available on Amazon and DW Media Store

“What would it be like to journey with Dakini, this being whose body is completely grounded, whose mind is crystal clear with wise knowing, 

whose heart is immensely vast and open like the     sky, yet full of tender, fearless, and overwhelming compassion?”


This compelling journey will take you right into the heart of Dakini, the compassionate embodiment of “inner wakefulness.” Emerging from Chöying Khandro’s teachings, meditations, and dialogue with student practitioners through a period of extensive exploration of Dakini, Dakini Journey brings ancient teachings into the modern world through the lens of the five elements, our six senses, and subtle body. With her encouraging self-inquiry, we find the voice of the Dakini, or “sky-dancer,” the awakened awareness dwelling within. 

Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World
available on DW Media Store


Meditate on Dakini with Khandro-La!!!


Would you like to meditate on Dakini with Khandro-la wherever you are? Enjoy these audio recordings of guided meditations from Khandro-la's book, Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World!


Now, the entire guided meditations are available. You can purchase it as an album or each meditation separately as an individual audio file.

The Heart of Chö, Volume One "
available on Amazon and DW Media Store

A volume of Khandro-la's teachings, compiled and edited to provide an overview of the foundations of Chö practice, is now available for purchase on Amazon! (Those outside the United States can just search for "The Heart of Chö," on your country's Amazon page.)


No matter what our familiarity is with foundational teachings on renunciation, refuge, bodhicitta, emptiness, guru yoga, and the basics of Vajrayana and Chö, Khandro-la's teachings offer heartfelt inspiration and encourage us to reflect deeply on how we might integrate them into our lives on and off the cushion.


It is a study guide that students in the Ear-Whispered lineage can take with them on the path, but it is also an accessible and very readable introduction for those just embarking upon the path. When you are finished, please consider leaving a review! 

Below is an excerpt from "The Heart of Chö - Volume One - Chö Foundations" and read by Louice Lo.

Chapter 7.3 "Encountering the Guru". This excerpt explains:


1. The Four ways that lead us to find a guru.

2. What are the qualities of a guru?

3. What are the qualities of a student/disciple?

4. How would a guru-disciple relationship stray?

5. The Four Stages of guru-devotion.



podcast episode with Olivia Clementine of Love & Liberation! August, 2023

This interview podcast captures key highlights, not only of Khandro-la's book, but of her view of Dakini and her approach to Dakini. It includes her invitation to the upcoming DAKINI PATH - A 16-month Pilgrimage to Vajrayogini. 

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Article on Lion's Roar - Read an excerpt from Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World, Heart of Cho, Vol. 2. July, 2023

"In the following excerpt from “Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World; The Heart of Cho Vol.II,” Choying Khandro explores how Dakini energy, expressed as the Five Dakinis, becomes the embodiment and expression of the Five Elements in an awakened form. Relating to Dakini in this way helps us develop an understanding of how to perceive and relate to the true nature of all phenomena."

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Interview article

An article by Buddhistdoor Global based on the inteview with Khandro-la, July, 2023

"Dakini Journey in the Contemporary World outlines Choying Khandro's most profound teachings on the Buddhist feminine: the intensely personal yet universal encounter with Dakini as “a paradox of reality” that embodies “emptiness in action.” 

Yogini, 70 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2020_edited.jpg
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Khandro-ka's article published by Lion's Roar, Buddhadharma, Winter 2020

"Chöying Khandro takes us on a tour of Chöd, where we visit the places we don’t want to go and offer ourselves up to the things that frighten us the most." 

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video Interview

Guru Jagat's Interview with Choying Khandro, as part of an Immense Grace Program, August 2020

Khandro-la talks about Dakini teachings and practices, particularly from an elemental perspective. As you read, listen, and practice, you will see that Dakinis are the gateway connecting and merging our human journey and our spiritual journey. Enjoy the wisdom and bodhicitta expressed in this interview.

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An article by BuddhistDoor Global, based on the interview with KL, November 27, 2018

For Khandro-la “personal authenticity” boils down to whether she is moving toward inner freedom. She wishes for us to ask whether or not any choice that we make brings growth in personal authenticity.

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A Khandro-la's article, published by Northwest Dharma Association, Fall 2018

"In the spring of 2013 I found myself in a tiny house in the midst of an Oregon forest, nestled under towering Douglas fir trees and surrounded by green moss and thick grass. Next to my cabin flowed a beautiful creek..."

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podcast episode with Olivia Clementine of Love & Liberation! March, 2020

KL discusses various enticing topics including: Sudden loss of her son, Heartbreak as possibility, Fierce vajrayana tonglen as a path of working with grief and Body awareness practice for emotional healing and health.

IMG_4397 (1)_edited.jpg
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