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Support the Stream of the Lineage

In the teachings of Buddhism, three separate forms of generosity are recognized. The first is the generosity of offering material goods. Second is the generosity of offering dharma teachings. Finally, the third form of generosity is the gift of fearlessness. 

In traditional Buddhist cultures, monks and nuns' offering of the teachings was dependent upon receiving food, shelter, and other forms of material generosity. Although we are a non-monastic sangha, our dharma offerings are likewise dependent upon the financial support of our dedicated community.


We have the great fortune to have a teacher who has dedicated and continues to dedicate her life-stream to practicing, realizing, and sharing the teachings of this rare and profound lineage. By offering the fruits of our own life-stream, we express our gratitude to all of the lineage masters and begin to merge our life with theirs. 

In truth, though, the instruction of our tradition is to go one step further, realizing the "emptiness of the three wheels": the giver, that which is given, and the recipient of the gift. That is how we ourselves embody and offer to others the third form of generosity, fearlessness. Cutting through notions of self and other, we practice the generosity​ that is at the very heart of Chö practice, which literally means "cutting through." 

To donate to Dakini's Whisper via Paypal or credit/debit card, please use the Donation button below. You may set up recurring monthly payments by checking the box marked "Make this a monthly donation." Membership, which involves a suggested monthly donation of a minimum of $29, is an excellent way to express your support for Dakini's Whisper. 


You may also use this button to make payments for Dakini's Whisper classes, events, practice materials, or anything else requiring a fee. Please be sure to note the purpose of your payment in the area marked "Write a note (Optional)."

We are working on obtaining tax-exempt status for Dakini's Whisper, but for now, donations may not be claimed as deductions on your U.S. taxes. 


Thank you for your generosity!

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