Clear Water Lake

Student Reflections
What Do Students Say About Dakini's Whisper?

Distinctly Adaptable

9/15/20, K.K.

Khandro-la’s commentary on Guru Yoga of Machik Labdron was a beautiful practice. These shorter practices feel open and doable to those who are busy yet are cultivating the energies and Dharma in their own way and may not yet be able to go into a full length sadhana.

Invariably Heart-Centered

9/20/20, EG.

My habitual pattern during times of great turmoil is to focus inwardly on my spiritual practice to the point, sometimes, of losing the essence of bodhicitta. Today’s public teaching on, Let This Darkness Be a Bell Tower, brought me back to this expansive, joyful and vast possibility of reconnecting with all people with no hope, no fear. Thank you.

Deepening My Daily Practice

10/18/20, J.B.

I very much enjoyed the Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis practice. It was a beautiful way to set the tone for the day here and as a prelude to other morning practices. I would like to include it in my daily practice and see/feel what arises from there. It feels to be such a profound practice calling to my heart.

Giving Clarity

11/14/20, P.P.

The teachings at the Fall Retreat were so rich and beneficial.  This is my third time through this book (Naturally Liberating Whatever Arises).  The impact now is almost like I never really heard most of these teachings before!  That is a result of Khandro-la's wonderful teaching in this retreat, but just as much because I understand more from what she has been teaching us all along.

Directly Encountering the Teachings

12/20/20, H.M.

I found the Subtle Body Training with Mahamudra Practice very informative and I learned a lot. Khandro-la, I appreciate how you are teaching us experientially - so rich and rare! I really treasure your emphasis on embodiment. It would be so easy to remain just intellectual about these teachings. Thank you again for this wonderful experience!

Uncovering Limitless Capacty

12/20/20, M.Z.

Thank you again for your generous outpouring of teachings last weekend during the Facing Turmoil with Mahamudra, Pith Instructions, Retreat. I am digesting all that was received and am aware of the ways it has deepened my meditation, awareness of the subtle body, and capacity to be with what is.

Liberating for the Benefit of All

2/21, P.P.

This Chö Healing with Khandro-la practicing CHÖ IN A SINGLE SITTING, Dentok Chika was wonderful. I felt a sense of giving away a burden, a light feeling of emptiness on the edge of vastness.  It felt comforting and freeing. I hope we benefited all beings everywhere!

Generating Devotion

3/25/21, A.K.

It has been a really transformative time since I joined Dakini's Whisper and I am so grateful for you, for Khandro-la, for the community, for the dharma and for being set upon such a beautiful path with such a beautiful lineage.

Feels Like Home

3/21, R.G.

I went into the Cho Monlam Prayer Festival with a fresh and open mind. After the festival, I felt a lightness in my body that I haven't felt in about 1 1/2 years. A re-connection with the preciousness of my soul & those around me.  This feeling still lingers with me now.

Held by the Lineage

3/21, D.S.

I’ve tried all week to find words about last weekend’s Chö Monlam Prayer Festival and it’s a feeling I have... ... I am ‘cradled’ in ancient practice, prajna, prana, love, and spaciousness.  Touched deeply.  And still reverberating.