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An Ancient Awakening Path for Modern Practitioners

Dharma Training

Right now, we are catching the giant wave of karmic fruition 

called spiritual opportunity ... 

Ask for blessings and inspiring forces. 

Ask for strength, power, compassion, and wisdom on this journey. 

Ask, from the bottom of your heart, in your own, personal way.

- Dakini Journey by Chöying Khandro

Chöying Khandro draws upon her 50 years of training and 20 years of teaching experience to shape the DW Training model. She extends an invitation to join this path to awakening, rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Buddha and tailored for our contemporary world.

In today's fast-paced world, practitioners cannot always retreat to caves for solitary practice. The DW Training Program is crafted with modern lifestyles in mind. You can advance in the three Streams of the program at your own pace, seamlessly integrating your spiritual journey with your daily life obligations.

This program follows the same path of training as traditional tantric masters, now made accessible for contemporary practitioners. The three Streams of the program include:



Each Stream comprises five progressive levels, allowing you to map your advancement and monitor your achievements across the three Streams. These levels build upon each other, fostering continuous development as you naturally progress from one level to the next. While your primary practice may evolve, the practices introduced at earlier levels are still integrated and sustained.

In addition to receiving empowerments, transmissions, and teachings, practitioners will immerse themselves in each practice, honing their skills and seamlessly integrating the benefits into their daily lives. By following the footsteps of past enlightened beings, the DW Roadmap serves as a guide on your awakening journey, ensuring you stay on course and avoid becoming lost in the maze of distractions.



Here's a condensed version of the DW Training Chart for your quick reference. Once you're enrolled in DW Training, you'll receive a detailed Roadmap Chart outlining the curriculum for each level. You'll register for events as they become available in Dakini’s Whisper. Once you've completed the requirements for each activity, you can check them off on the Roadmap. This will guide you on your path and help you navigate your progress. If you need assistance tailoring your path, you can schedule an online meeting with Khandro-la when opportunities arise.


1. DW Training is offered to MEMBERS ONLY - Emerald level and above. Please click here if you need to join or      upgrade your membership. (If not, go here). 

    NOTE: You won't be able to submit the Registration form below if you are not a member.

2.     Fill in the Registration Form below. Upon approval, you will receive a separate email in about 3 days that will guide you to access an eLearning module called “DW Training”. 

3.     Download and Save the "DW Training Chart (Roadmap)" on your own computer, or print it out Inside the eLearning module. You will keep your own records.

4. (optional) Request Access to eLearning Master Courses if you are ready to study as part of your DW training.


5.      Keep Track of Your Records. If you are considering certification, please keep track of all your activities history. On your own downloaded Roadmap, mark the activities with dates of attendance and homework completion. It is your responsibility to keep and update your Roadmap.


6.     Check Off the activities you have already participated in and integrated. You may be just beginning, or you may be at many different levels. Most importantly, you will discover which event or course to pursue next to complete a level.


7. (optional) Submit a Request for a Signed Certificate of Completion after completing a level in any Stream.

Simply email the completed checklist with your request.

  • 1. What is DW Training, and how does it benefit members?
    DW Training serves as a comprehensive roadmap for our members, guiding them through their spiritual awakening journey. It functions as a curriculum, outlining the relationships among eLearning Modules, online courses, and events within the context of lineage traditions. This structured approach assists members in navigating their learning process effectively.
  • 2. How does DW Training complement other offerings within Dakini Whisper?
    DW Training is designed to be both separate and complementary to other offerings within Dakini Whisper. While it provides a structured path for personal growth and development, it also complements other teachings and practices available within the community, enhancing the overall spiritual experience for members.
  • 3. Can members register for all three streams of DW Training simultaneously?
    Yes, members at the Emerald level and above have the opportunity to register for all three streams of DW Training concurrently. Many members have found value in participating in multiple streams simultaneously, allowing for a comprehensive and integrated approach to their spiritual journey.
  • 4. What happens after becoming a member and registering for DW Training?
    Upon becoming a member and registering for DW Training, new members will have an orientation meeting with Khandro-la. During this meeting, members will have the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and preferences, allowing Khandro-la to provide personalized guidance and support tailored to each member's journey.
  • 5. How can members access additional support and resources during their DW Training?
    Members can access additional support and resources throughout their DW Training journey. This includes access to eLearning Master Courses, personalized guidance from Khandro-la, and opportunities to participate in online events and discussions within the Dakini Whisper community.
  • 6. Is there a specific timeline or schedule for completing DW Training?
    DW Training is designed to be flexible, allowing members to progress through the program at their own pace. While there are recommended timelines for completing each level of the training, members have the freedom to adapt their learning journey according to their individual needs and schedules.
  • 7. How do I track my progress in the DW Training Program?
    Keep a record of your own activities, including dates of attendance and completion of homework assignments. Check off the activities you have participated in and integrated into your practice. This will guide you in determining the next steps to complete each level.
  • 8. Is certification available for completing levels in any Stream?
    Yes, certification is available upon completing each level in any Stream. Simply submit a request for a Signed Certificate of Completion by emailing: with your completed checklist and request.

We hope these answers provide clarity and guidance for your journey with Dakini Whisper offerings. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

DW Dharma Training Registration Form

Thank you for your interest! You will receive an email for access to the DW Training eLearning..

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