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DW training

“Sutra provides the threads for the fabric of awakening,

while tantra weaves them together.

Dakini practices provide the structure through

which sutra teachings can come together in our lived experience.”

- Chöying Khandro

Chöying Khandro brings her 50 years of training and 20 years of teaching into the DW TRAINING model. She invites you to join this awakening path which is steeped in tradition, yet suitable for today's practitioners. While fulfilling your daily life obligations, you can progress at your own pace through the Five Levels and Three Streams. Following the footsteps of ancient masters, you can safely tread your own awakening journey on a straight path. DAKINI LAMRIM is one of the three streams, and together with CHÖ MASTERY and SUBTLE BODY YOGA, these streams make a wholesome trilogy.



Lamrim, which literally means “Stages of the Path'' or “Graduated Path," generally refers to a complete step-by-step guide to enlightenment based on Buddha’s public teachings (sutra). The esoteric teaching (tantra) weaves all those sutra threads together with skillful means and guides practitioners directly to manifesting the subtlest Mind. DAKINI LAMRIM, a unique blending of the sutra and tantra paths brings practitioners to the direct experience of embodiment of Buddha Dharma. 

DAKINI LAMRIM provides a solid foundation for advanced practices. Further enriched by connections to Vajrayogini and the Five Elemental Dakinis, we become the best vessel for the tantric generation and completion practices, fostering the Great Seal, Mahamudra, to unfold. Dakini Lamrim is an integrative path for modern practitioners to come to a deep realization of Buddha’s teachings in our lived experience.



The five-level curriculum for the DAKINI LAMRIM Stream is cumulative, meaning that the learning and practicing of each level build upon each other -- the next level can’t happen without the one before it. Thus, we encourage you to study, contemplate, and familiarize yourself with each component of the 5 levels. For example, merely watching a video or receiving a transmission is insufficient. One needs to study, reflect on the meaning, and engage in the methods and practices wholeheartedly in order to bring them into your daily life on and off the cushion. Completing each level may take time, but there is no competition and it is not about “reaching the finish line.” It is about your own direct, personal experience. We practice to cultivate the Bodhisattva’s qualities that will benefit us and all beings.

Once you join DW TRAINING, you will receive the detailed curriculum showing each level in the DAKINI LAMRIM program.


Please visit the front page “DW TRAINING” by clicking the button below for more information and a form to enroll.

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