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Dakini’s Whisper is an online community dedicated to awakening our true nature and unlocking its fullest potential for the benefit of all beings. 


At Dakini’s Whisper, we hold a deep commitment to assuming responsibility for the welfare of all beings, recognizing the vast diversity and interconnectedness of our global community. With this ethos in mind, we offer a flexible membership model that respects each individual's unique circumstances and capacity on their spiritual journey.

Unlike traditional membership tiers that grant greater access based on payment, we believe in fostering equity, inclusion, and service within our community. Therefore, all members within a given tier enjoy equal access to Dakini’s Whisper benefits and offerings designated at that level.

Our membership model reflects our values and offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility based on one’s financial capacity.

  • Access for students in different circumstances.

  • Sustainable resources to preserve the lineage.

  • Monthly auto-renewal for simplified bookkeeping.


We encourage members to participate with goodwill and to choose a membership model aligned with their financial means. Our $29/month unlimited membership option aims to support those in genuine need, while higher investment membership models are appreciated from those more fortunate. We trust each member to select the level that resonates most with their capacity and the value they find in their experience with us.

Dharma teachings, transmissions, and group practices are offered in various formats, including classes, focused series, public events, retreats, eLearning, and community dialogues. Each session is followed by time for sharing and Q&A, providing invaluable opportunities for deepening practice and understanding.

Your Membership Helps Sustain the Sangha!

Your membership plays a vital role in sustaining our organization, providing essential financial support for various aspects of our operations. This includes covering the living expenses of our dedicated teacher, offering scholarships and financial aid to those in need, and covering other operational fees.

By becoming a member of Dakini’s Whisper, you demonstrate a commitment to your own growth within our community while contributing to the preservation and continuation of our lineage teachings. Your involvement not only supports the sustainability of Dakini’s Whisper but also provides the necessary resources to keep the flame of our sangha burning bright.

Your membership enables us to:

  • Bring ancient wisdom into our daily lives.

  • Promote and preserve the lineages of the Ear-Whispered Chö tradition.

  • Offer accessibility to a wide range of programs, retreats, and events.

  • Provide financial support and scholarships for membership both locally and globally.

  • Develop volunteer opportunities for Dana contributions to support membership fees.

  • Create eLearning courses for ongoing learning and growth.

  • Support our teacher in their dedicated service.

  • Connect practitioners of Dakini’s Whisper worldwide, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Dakini’s Whisper.



While our membership model is designed to ensure the financial sustainability of Dakini’s Whisper and the continuation of our lineage teachings, we welcome and encourage gifts of Dana in the form of financial contributions at any time. These contributions can be made as a token of appreciation for teachings, personal interviews, practice instructions, and more.

To make a gift of Dana, please visit our Donations Page. Your generosity helps us continue our mission and supports the growth and development of our community. Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.


(AUTOMATED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP is Required. Please see below how to join.)




E-Master Courses



Free Online Practices &

General Events


Discounts on Other Programs & Retreats


One-On-One Interview with KL





All the Benefits


Cho Mastery journey

Essential Journey

(on eLearning)


All E-Master Courses

Except SBTMC1

Free 1 SBT Series




All the Benefits



NEW Dakini Journey

(on eLearning)

Kechara Journey

(on eLearning)


Free 2 SBT Series




All the Benefits



All the Journeys

All E-Master Courses

All Downloadables

Except Tunes

Free 3 SBT Series



Some may wish to contribute monthly membership dues simply as an expression of support for the tradition of the Ear-Whispered Chö and the teachings of Chöying Khandro. For further information about supporting Dakini's Whisper as a donor, please see our Donations Page.

Credit: Artwork above by Yen Chua


To join at one of the Membership Levels described above, please:


1. Submit the Membership Registration Form below.

2. Set up AUTOMATED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS or remit the ONE-TIME ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT by clicking the yellow "Donate" button below. 

***Please note: Recurring payments can be canceled at any time and Dakini's Whisper doesn't refund retroactively.

Upon completion of this membership registration process, you can start your journey with Dakini's Whisper! At that time, the DW Team will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have and share information about your membership level. An interview with the Team may also be an option.


(NOTE: Dakini's Whisper generously offers a sliding scale for the membership fee in the hopes that finances will not be an obstacle to dharma practice with Dakini's Whisper. Please choose the amount which you feel most reflects your capacity. Those unable to pay the full amount may have an opportunity to give their energy and talents through volunteer support that would be coordinated by the DW Volunteer Coordinator.)

If you have further questions, please contact at


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Membership Registration Form
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1-PEARL Supporting Member 2-EMERALD Cho Mastery / E-Essential Journey 3-RUBY E-Dakini / E-Kechara Journey 4-TURQUOISE Sponsor 5-DIAMOND Donor

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