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Dakini’s Whisper is an online community dedicated to realizing our true nature and

awakening its deepest and most fulfilling potential for the benefit of all beings. 


One of the inherent principles of Dakini’s Whisper is the motivation to assume responsibility for the welfare of all beings. We live on a large planet and in a hugely populous and diverse global community. We aspire to open our minds and lives to encompass and care for the welfare of all others.


We recognize that each potential sangha member has unique personal circumstances that frame their journey on this path. Therefore, to support the community at large, we offer a flexible membership model based on each individual's capacity at a given time.


Setting up membership tiers to give those who pay greater access to more resources, materials, and special offers do seem to be standard across dharma communities, for us, it would perpetuate a model of privilege, access, and capacity that breaches our ethics for equity, inclusion, and service. Therefore, each member of a given tier or level has equal access to Dakini’s Whisper benefits and offerings designated at that level.


This membership model offers benefits both for the contemporary student as well as the sustainability of the Dakini Whisper sangha:






We ask members to participate based on an attitude of goodwill and to choose a membership model based on their financial capacity at this time. Our offer of a $29/month unlimited membership is intended to help those truly in the most need. For those of you who are more fortunate, we appreciate your consideration of the higher investment membership models.  We trust that each of you will choose the membership level which you feel most reflects your capacity and the value of your experience with us.   


Dharma teachings, transmissions, and group practices are offered online in a variety of formats including classes, focused series, public events, retreats, eLearning, and opportunities for community dialog and connection. Time for sharing and Q & A following each class. This is an invaluable time for questions about the nuances of your practice or to deepen your understanding in hearing the questions that others are asking.

Your Membership Helps Sustain the Sangha!

Your membership is the main financial resource of our organization, providing reliable income for our operations including the living expense of our dedicated teacher, scholarships, and financial support for those unable to pay at the higher level, and other operational fees.


As a Dakini’s Whisper member, you are expressing commitment to your own growth in this community by keeping Dakini’s Whisper and the stream of lineages alive while receiving the fuel to sustain your candlelight burning in our sangha. Continued engagement in Dakini’s Whisper supports all that is unique about Dakini’s Whisper, including specifically the:


  • Mission to bring ancient wisdom to our daily life

  • Promotion and preservation of the lineages of the Ear-Whispered Chö

  • Accessibility to multiple programs, retreats, events

  • Possibility of financial support and scholarships for membership, local and worldwide

  • Development of volunteer activities as Dana to support membership fees

  • Development of eLearning courses

  • Support for our teacher

  • Connection of worldwide Dakini's Whisper practitioners



While the membership model is intended to provide the necessary financial sustenance to keep Dakini’s Whisper and the stream of lineages alive, gifts of dana in the form of financial contributions are encouraged/welcomed at any time as appreciation for a teaching, a personal interview, practice instruction and so on. In order to give the gift of Dana, please see our Donations Page.


Supporting Member

Support: $29 to $58 monthly auto-renewal


  • Free participation in many Dakini’s Whisper’s online general events and offerings  (i.e. DW Sangha Sunday, Dakini Day, Charnel Ground Dialog, Monthly Dakini Tsok Gathering, book discussion, and other student-led discussions)

  • Free participation in Online Practices (Cho, Five Dakinis, Mahamudra and Vajrayogini) if you have transmission

  • Free access to the Master Course 1, 2 & Topography of the Path in the ELEARNING PROGRAM 

  • Eligibility for discounts on other programs and retreats

  • Opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum with Khandro-la

  • Optional interview with Khandro-la


Chö Mastery Member / Mahamudra Member

Support: $59 to $88 monthly auto-renewal

Benefit: All the benefits of Supporting Member above Plus


  • Free participation in the monthly retreat of CHÖ MASTERY JOURNEY Retreat and/or MAHAMUDRA JOURNEY

  • Free participation in the Annual Online Fall Retreat

  • Free access to all the existing Master Courses except the Subtle Body Training Master Course in the ELEARNING PROGRAM

  • Personal Guidance on ANNUAL SOLITARY RETREAT(S )(i.e. day-long, 3-day weekend retreat)

  • Opportunity to join Khandro-la for a Mongolia Pilgrimage (if this happens in the future)

Dakini Member

Support: $79 to $107 monthly auto-renewal

Benefit: All the benefits of Supporting and Chö Mastery Member above Plus

  • Free participation in an annual DAKINI’S WHISPER IMMERSION JOURNEY (such as THE KECHARA JOURNEY and NEW Deep Dive Dakini Journey)

  • Free access to all the related Journey materials (e.g. Five Dakinis Practice materials) and retreat recordings in the ELEARNING PROGRAM

  • Free participation in one series of SUBTLE BODY TRAINING per year


Support: $108 and More monthly auto-renewal

Benefits: All the benefits in Supporting, Chö Mastery & Dakini Member plus

  • Free participation in all Online Courses/Series per year

  • Free participation in two SUBTLE BODY TRAINING series per year

  • Free access to all the digital downloads except tunes from DW Media Store - This was recently updated so go to the Media Store and then use the email to inquire about what download you are interested in.


Donor Member

Some may wish to contribute monthly membership dues simply as an expression of support for the tradition of the Ear-Whispered Chö and the teachings of Chöying Khandro. For further information about supporting Dakini's Whisper as a donor, please see our Donations Page.


To join at one of the Membership Levels described above, please:


1. Submit the Membership Registration Form below

2. Set up AUTOMATED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS or remit the ONE-TIME ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT by clicking the yellow "Donate" button below.

Upon completion of this membership registration process, you can start your journey with Dakini's Whisper! At that time, the DW Team will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have and share information about your membership level. An interview with the Team may also be an option.


(NOTE: Dakini's Whisper generously offers a sliding scale for the membership fee in the hopes that finances will not be an obstacle to dharma practice with Dakini's Whisper.  Please choose the amount which you feel most reflects your capacity. Those unable to pay the full amount may have an opportunity to give of their energy and talents through volunteer support that would be coordinated by the DW Volunteer Coordinator.)

If you have further questions, please contact Ellen Green, dakiniswhisperteam@gmail.com