Overview of Our

Dharma Program

Journey with Dakini's Whisper

"The goal of this path is to become both completely human and completely Buddha,

to awaken to both at the same time. Chö practice can do that."​

--Chöying Khandro

Vajrayana Buddhism and Chö offer a path for realizing awakening in a single lifetime. Although Tantra and Chö offer profound techniques for realizing our true nature, the basis of the entire path of awakening is the Buddhist foundations of renunciation, bodhicitta, and the wisdom of emptiness. To walk this path is to continue to strengthen our practice and understanding of these foundations while experientially expanding and deepening our appreciation and realization of the profundity of awakening. 

Dakini’s Whisper offers dedicated practitioners structured opportunities to engage the paths of Vajrayana, Chö, and Mahamudra, as expressed by our teacher's particular lineages. We currently offer two separate, yet aligned and parallel, "journeys:" Chö Mastery is a comprehensive overview of the Ganden and Dakini Ear-Whispered lineages and their lineage practices. An in-depth Dakini’s Whisper Dharma Immersion program is designed annually, such as 2020-2021, Dakini Journey, with the intention to take a deep dive into a practice or study area that enriches the dharma experience and spiritual journey.


Our newest Dharma Immersion Program, the Mahamudra Journey, begins in January 2021. This program focuses on the Freedom Path (Drol-lam) of Mahamudra Shamatha, Vipashyana, and the Union. Each session will include theory and method as well as meditation instructions, practice, and discussion to bring this journey into one's own personal experience.


In addition, for those seeking a more personalized approach, members have the opportunity to develop a personal practice curriculum together with Khandro-la.


NEW Mahamudra Journey

A one-year journey into the Art of Looking, Resting, and Living Presence

for all levels of students.


This NEW one-year, journey offers an individual practitioner an extraordinary opportunity to go directly and deeply into the heart of the matter, the profound practice of Mahamudra, the Path of Freedom (drol-lam). If you are new to DW, this will be the perfect opportunity to start with...

The Chö Mastery Journey

is a comprehensive training program for the Lineage of Wandering Chöpas, the Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage (Machik Khandro Nyengyü). For most participants, the journey will unfold over the course of about five years. While some aspects of the program are self-paced, there will also be required empowerments and lineage retreats.

Regardless of participants' level of experience, the journey will also serve as an exploration of vital and advanced subjects and meditative practices to be further unfolded, deepened and integrated into your spiritual journey. 

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The Kechara Journey  

is a one-year program featuring a monthly half-day online retreat with structured practice and reflection. It is designed to explore the eleven yogas of the creation phase of Vajrayogini practice. Throughout the year we will be integrating study and practice related to the precious Vajrayogini teaching and practice to our life journey.