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A Comprehensive Chö Training Journey

Step into the Stunning River of Ear-Whispered Chö Lineage of Machik Dakini, 

The Lineage of Wandering Yogis and Yoginis!

An Invitation to the Ear-Whispered Chö


The Chö Mastery Journey is a multi-layered training journey based on the Lineage of Wandering Chöpas that is established from the Ganden-Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage (Ganden Wensa Nyengyü) and the Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage (Machik Khandro Nyengyü). These blessed and unique lineages encompass the entire path, leading practitioners from preliminaries all the way to awakening. These practices are profound and powerful as well as beautiful, melodious, and imbued with the Ḍākinīs’ blessings. 


The Ganden/Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage has been held by the prominent masters in the Geluk order.  The lineage itself has come from the founder of the Geluk tradition, Lama Tsongkhapa (1357–1419)'s direct transmission from Manjushri as well as the one from Machik. Recent research by a historian suggests that the lineage gurus of the Ganden/Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage were the original disciples of Lama Tsongkhapa.  

The Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage is a rare and Tantric Chö lineage that has been uninterruptedly carried through great masters for centuries. The lineage was strictly orally transmitted and was on the verge of disappearing by the early 20th century.  Extremely discreet, the lineage did not settle in any institutional framework and spread all the way to the isolated regions of Tibet and Inner Mongolia. (Please read more about the lineage on the page - "What is the Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered Lineage?")


The Chö Mastery Journey welcomes any individual, regardless of your affiliations and levels of spiritual maturation, who have a strong resonance with bringing this rare Chö tradition into your spiritual journey. Step in the unbroken current of the stunning river of a Chö lineage and the Machik Ḍakini Ear-Whispered lineage. Fully immerse yourself in the practices for your own spiritual unfolding and commitment to others, and let the river of the blessed lineages carry you through to the ocean of awakening! 


Dakini’s Whisper is rooted in the authenticity of the ancient traditions while embracing the inclusivity of a contemporary approach to practicing and living the dharma. Towards that end, we are happy to introduce a new LEVEL of participation in the Chö Mastery Journey. This new CORE LEVEL is an additional option to the Five LEVELS of the Chö Mastery Journey. 


The CORE LEVEL is designed to offer basic lineage teachings of the fundamental practices of Chö, and is intended to appeal to dharma practitioners who are drawn to the teachings and fearless bodhisattva aspirations associated with the 12-century great female yogini, Machik Labdron, the Chö practice, fierce tonglen, and fundamental aspects of the internal Chö and sacred Chö, but who may not aspire to commit to the entire lineage practices. These students may focus their path in the CORE LEVEL as long as they wish, always having the option to move into LEVEL ONE lineage practices and teachings. In other words, this level has flexibility for students in this modern-day life to explore deeply the core of Chö teachings and practice as a focused path without further commitment to the lineage practices, while still receiving the benefits from this timeless teaching. As with other Chö Mastery Levels, CORE LEVEL students have an opportunity to work with Khandro-la to personalize their practice and daily schedule.


If you are new to the Five-level lineage journey, the journey will include the lineage blessings, oral, textual, and musical transmissions, and commentaries of the total of 11 lineage texts, as well as the formal retreats which are required to advance through the journey. If you are a long-term practitioner, the journey will also serve as an exploration of vital and advanced subjects and meditative practices for further deepening, unfolding, and integrating the lineage practices into your spiritual journey. The Chö Mastery Journey that entails the five levels of the lineage practices and teachings systematically guides individuals through the practices, teachings, and retreats in the Ear-Whispered Chö Lineage. 

These five levels have been created to ensure flexibility for individual practitioners and, at the same time, ensure the authenticity of the lineage is not compromised. Pilgrims in Levels 1 - 5, will journey through each level in their own time frame. Upon completion of each Level, the pilgrim will request an interview with Khandro-la for the purpose of reflection, inquiry, and Dharma guidance, following which they will enter the journey of the next Level until reaching the Post-Chö Mastery Journey.



The Five-Level journey aims at transmitting, exploring, and preserving the integrity of the unbroken, authentic lineage and to keep the lineage alive with full integrity as a living experience in a way that is relevant and accessible. Completely traditional and completely modern, our approach is based on authentic transmission, yet not bound by the culturally colored tradition. An underlying intention of the journey is to support your personal awakening through the spiritual journey of Chö and to build a strong foundation for the spiritual community of dedicated practitioners of the Ear-Whispered Lineages. Objectives of the Five-Level Chö Mastery Journey include:



  • To guide committed practitioners to the lineage through complete transmissions, commentaries, training, consistent support in a traditional, sequential, and systematic manner. All the musical transmissions will be passed on as well as the traditional ritual protocols to maintain the authenticity of the practice.



  • To foster modern practitioners in their personal unfolding and integration of their practice by exploring the teachings and practices of the tradition in a manner that is experiential and transformative. This is done with an emphasis on personal meditation practice and direct experience.



  • To train individuals so that they will be able to carry out all the core lineage practices, continue to deepen their practice for further spiritual unfolding and culmination, bring the experiences from the practices to their own life and become vehicles of awakening for benefiting others. Students will serve as key members of the Ḍākinī’s Whisper community to carry the lineage and help make the lineage into an alive, dynamic, and living force.

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