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Subtle body training
Student Reflections

What Do Students Say About DW Subtle Body Training?

Dakini in My Body

T.K. Wisconsin

Khandro-la is bringing the Dakini into the world through those of us who are being taught how to subtly connect to our bodies. Subtle Body Class is not about anything but embracing the divine that we already are through witnessing our own wild, expanding our fierce love, and even being a little spooky! The safe space created within the class to explore where the aspects lived in us is what allowed me to get into my body more. I’m thankful!

Tasting It From the Inside Out

J.T. California

I wanted to say how grateful I am for these precious teachings and how each time I receive subtle body teaching from khandro-la, I have a direct experience of what it could mean maybe to begin generating the deity from the inside out, not outside in. and that in some way, with her classes, I am tasting the truth of the deity or of Yeshe Tsogyal already being within me, when the knots are untied, already here. Thank you for all the blessings that flew off us today and entered the ocean of love surrounding us all.

Opening to Dakini Qualities Everywhere

D.S. Alabama

Subtle Body Training has had a big impact on me experiencing embodiment. Moving with each quality in SBT, I have recognized them in me - in and through my body. This body holds so much. Coming to ‘be’ in it more and more in SBT has been big for me. It has expanded my awareness, both of what is me and also what’s outside, in our world. I have begun to see Dakinis in the world near and far. And I am recognizing all these qualities. There is a sweet tenderness I feel with this opening. As someone who was not ‘in’ her body for most of her life, I am deeply grateful and inspired by all that SBT continues to bring.  

A Journey Into the Unknown

G.E. Kentucky

Thank you for offering this opportunity to really dig deep into this subtle body aspect.  While I do find it challenging and somewhat counterintuitive for my strong headspace, I experience it in a way that generates inspiration for traveling into the unknown and curiosity about the vast potentiality of it.

Clear Mind and Courage

S.F. New York

When Khandro-la began playing the music, I felt resistance to dancing. But Khandro-la’s joy and enthusiasm were infectious, and I couldn’t resist. Throughout my life, I hadn’t been in touch with my fierce energy and instead became preoccupied with the challenges and hurdles that appeared in my life. The fierceness I was experiencing in the class, transformed into a feeling of courageousness. I felt the courage to be my authentic self; it didn’t matter how I appeared to others when I danced. I remembered the Subtle Body exercise of laughing at appearances and felt the courage moving through my body and mind to laugh at the appearances that were showing up in my life.

Connecting With Dakinis

B.L. California

Thank you for your steadfast openness and compassion, and for the care that you put into developing and teaching the Intensive. Connecting the movement practices with the wisdom dakinis and human dakinis and their respective energies helped me feel more of a connection with the teachings. Also, I loved the syllabus with beautiful artwork and bits of poetry. Being able to see an overarching structure helps me feel that I can understand at least well enough to start putting some of it into practice.  And I very much appreciated your invitation to use our imagination - even if I can't really feel in my body what you are suggesting I can sometimes imagine it, and that seems like a start.

Freeing Energies

W.M. New York

I enjoyed the Intensive.  My main takeaway is that I’d like to connect with regular practice that incorporates the work we explored. I feel like the reaching, snapping and opening of the channels have begun to free some energy in my body that I’ve struggled to move, and I’d like to continue to see how I could expand the work.

A Deep Dive

K.D. Scotland

I find Khandro-la's teaching of the Subtle Body Training a joyful, subtle, pervasive route into myself, my energy, my vitality, my stuck places, my being so much more than I think I am or can do. The Intensive was a fantastic opportunity to dive deeper into this work and has left me wanting to delve even deeper into this incredible offering.

Embodying, Experiencing

12/20/20, H.M.

I found the Subtle Body Training with Mahamudra Practice very informative and I learned a lot. Khandro-la, I appreciate how you are teaching us experientially - so rich and rare! I really treasure your emphasis on embodiment. It would be so easy to remain just intellectual about these teachings. Thank you again for this wonderful experience!


W.K. North Carolina

It was a very special gathering, indeed! I so appreciate the profound view and deep motivation from which Khandro-la presents the subtle body exercises. Also, Khandro-la's emphasis on joy and on dancing and on bringing everything to the path further expands the practice in a wonderful way. The exercises themselves were presented clearly and there was always room to ask questions.


H.M. Washington D.C.

I just wanted to share my gratitude for the SBT -- it has been a wonderful experience! I really liked the focus on the experience and experimentation. I also appreciated the composition of each session with a focus on a specific Dakini. I found the group practice very helpful with the specific commentaries, and the dancing liberating! Thank you for offering the training - a real gift!

Enriching My Practice

S.L California

It has been a wondrous enrichment to my practice to participate in the Subtle Body Yoga Class with Khandro-la. Experiencing Vajrayana principles with yoga, song and dance has deeply supported my ability to embody my deity practices, and to more deeply understand Vajrayana concepts and teachings. The experiences stay with me throughout the course of my day and I find myself, as examples, exploring the elements, or reconnecting with my central channel, before going to sleep, while walking outside, or in the midst of a difficult emotion.


An Ancient Practice for Today

N.P. Oregon

Integrating the Subtle Body Training into my meditations has helped me to more deeply embody and feel the practices in my subtle body.  This is much more than a set of exercises. The movements come from ancient traditions and include holding different meditative views while moving.  KL's joyful way of teaching builds confidence, capability, integration, and love of practice.

Adaptable to Everyone

K.P. Moscow, RUSSIA

Khandro-la and her teachings have been extremely supportive, kind, funny, and culturally relevant to this white Western woman with a love for things Tibetan and Buddhist. She has also helped me modify the exercises based on my medical needs and ability. My body feels far more alive, engaged, and peaceful. My practice is richer, and my ability to understand what I am reading and learning in book study and in my personal learning is greatly enhanced. I highly recommend these series to any serious Vajrayana practitioner who wishes to live the concepts and principles of Buddhism in the course of their daily life.

Balancing Energy, Body, Mind


I get the distinct experience of feeling body/mind having been re-calibrated, re-arranged - the result is like a smoothness of energy flow and an at ease mind integrated. I also got the impression that these days with all the imbalances in nature that a conscious re-calibration becomes very necessary because it is more out of whack than usual and more resistant. Thank you.

Powerful, Playful, Effective!

S.G. California

After three years of ngondro, my body had started to feel more like a Tara statue instead of a living breathing one.  A dharma friend encouraged me to sign up for this training and, to my amazement, it took only a few sessions to feel the energy flowing in my body again!  The exercises and movements are powerful, playful and effective.   Looking forward to continuing to dance with the dakinis under Choying Khandro’s loving and skillful guidance.

Compassion, Wisdom Movement

J.M. Oregon

Khandro-la compassionately dances the mandala of body, speech, and mind into our practice. Pointing out with wisdom grounded in experience, the essence of practice. She makes these cultural and ancient wisdom traditions relevant and available for us to embody. In my experience, her approach of combining body and mind awareness practice is unique and essential for experiencing freedom.

Engaging with Healing

A.S. North Carolina

I am a trauma-focused bodywork therapist and have been pleasantly surprised to discover how closely aligned KL's subtle body yoga techniques are with my somatic trainings. Her focus on being present with and befriending "what is" within the body while engaging in various movements has accelerated my own physical and psychological healing. Each live session is interactive, and each is recorded to provide a wonderful support for the subsequent daily practice. I highly recommend this series to anyone wishing to improve their physical and emotional health!

So Much More Than “Exercise”

S.G. California

Integrating the Subtle Body Training into my meditations has helped me to more deeply embody and feel the practices in my subtle body.  This is much more than a set of exercises. The movements come from ancient traditions and include holding different meditative views while moving.  KL's joyful way of teaching builds confidence, capability, integration, and love of practice.

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