Dakini's Whisper


Dakini's Whisper Protocols:

The purpose of these protocols is to clarify Dakini’s Whisper’s goals and activities and provide members of our community with clear and supportive guidelines. The aim is to keep it simple, efficient and caring – with the overarching purpose of maintaining our shared goal of upholding and realizing this lineage.


A. We respect and support our dedicated teacher’s vision.

We are fortunate enough to have a fully qualified, accessible, Vajrayana teacher who works very hard to support us on a unique path. Whenever we can, we nurture that vision through kind acts, Danas, volunteer work or through any other means.


B. We treat Vajra brothers and sisters with respect, kindness, and understanding.

Thus, we always treat each other with respect, kindness and understanding – even when it is challenging, and someone is going through a difficult period.


C. We respect and honor ourselves.

We remember to include ourselves amongst ‘all sentient beings’, and we try to listen to ourselves and our needs, always opting to stay authentically connected with ourselves. We give what we can to the community, but we are not giving more than what is healthy for us or what our life situation permits. As a community, we are encouraged to share our lived experience, how our practice impacts us on and off the cushion, and the challenges we experience on our shared journey under the banner of Dakini’s Whisper.


D. We do our best in following the guidelines.

Doing our best’ is a powerful authorization to make a sincere yet sensible effort in applying ourselves to study and practice. It also encompasses our commitment to participate in the study, practice and sharing sessions online as well as meet financial commitments.

E. We communicate concerns and give feedback.

We do this with an awareness that falling short in our commitments does not incur judgment. Instead, this is accepted compassionately as a symptom of Samsara. When we have concerns about the practice, we seek to communicate the challenges we face and to discuss sensible compromises.


F. We are committed to bringing our challenges onto the path.

Bringing on challenges and obstacles that occur in our lives and practice and accepting them as part of the path is a vital, integral part of Cho Mastery Training. We are encouraged to seek help and stay open to our experience.


G. We contribute to the development of Dakini’s Whisper.

Dakini’s Whisper is a new community which consists of committed students from all over the world. Understanding that DW’s commitment is to facilitate trainees’ development, not profit-seeking by any means, we do our best to support the vision of Dakini’s Whisper.