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Dakini's Whisper Team

Meet Our Team Members


Chöying Khandro

Founder and Spiritual Director

Khandro-la finds inspiration in great yogis, yoginis, and dakinis such as Machik Labdron, who is the lamp shining a light on the darkness of our minds and the world. Khandro-la feels gratitude for the fortune to tread this extraordinary journey with her fellow travelers in Dakini's Whisper. In her long spiritual career, Dakini's Whisper is a defining and vital phase in her spiritual growth and maturity.


Ellen Green

Volunteer Coordinator

Ellen is a happily retired and fortunate human being. As a long time “loner” Buddhist practitioner, her life is devoted to this new spiritual pilgrimage with her fellow travelers in Dakini’s Whisper. In her role as the volunteer coordinator for the transcription of Khandro-la’s teachings, she is eagerly developing relationships with other students as well as deepening her learning and practice through the intimate task of transcribing her wise words.


Peter Poole

Support Team

Peter has studied and practiced with several prominent Tibetan Buddhist teachers.  He is grateful to Dakini’s Whisper for bringing more vitality and depth of understanding into his life and practices.  He also enjoys the great learning opportunities as one of the editors of Khandro-la’s book manuscripts.  He occasionally leads group practices and discussions. 


Heidi Mattila

Support Team

Heidi had been fortunate to study with several Tibetan Vajrayana teachers in the US and abroad over the years. Heidi had been on a quest to find a female tantric teacher for quite some time and felt that she had arrived home when she met Khandro-la - first virtually, and soon after in person. Heidi appreciates how Khandro-La integrates the ancient teachings coming from an unbroken lineage with a modern twist, and how Khandro-La emphasizes the embodied
experience of the teachings. Within the sangha, Heidi has helped with organizing retreats and other background activities.


Louise Lo

Project Team

Louise enthusiastically volunteers in many aspects of Dakinis' Whisper, from transcribing teachings, administrative support and creative projects, which she feels deepens and strengthens her spiritual journey. Having grown up in Hong Kong and now residing in Canada, her Eastern and Western perspectives have found journeying with Dakini's Whisper colorful and meaningful. Louise says

"It is such a great fortune to have met Dakini's Whisper where Khandro-la is generously offering Dharma pith instructions and compassionate 



Dorothy Shaw

Project Team

Dorothy Shaw found Dakinis Whisper after reading an article Khandro La wrote about Chö. As a relatively new Buddhist practitioner, Dakinis Whisper has given her opportunities to learn, expand, and deepen herself and her practice. Through learning video editing and working on special projects along with Dakinis Whisper sangha sisters and brothers, her life on and off the cushion has been deeply impacted. 


Kate “TK” Thalacker

Project Team

TK had been searching for a female lineage holder centered around Chö and Vajrayoginī for over ten years. When she found Dākinī’s Whisper, TK knew she had met her heart teacher in Khandro-la. TK volunteers on any project or requests Khandro-la asks her to do in support of our community. Appreciating more of a background role, TK’s daily life is fully centered around continuing to carry the Dharma into the world through the direction and talents of Khandro-la.

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