Who is the Chö Mastery Journey for? 

It is for students who want to practice the entire path in this lineage, by receiving the complete cycle of teachings and to take the most precious opportunity to hold the rare Dakini Lineage in this lifetime. It is a commitment, and subject to corresponding support by Khandro-la and DW.


Why was ‘Years’ replaced by ‘Levels’?

Originally, the Journey or Program was designed to lead a single, synchronized group of students through the full cycle. Years then made sense, but now when flexibility has been added it is appropriate to use the term Levels to reflect that the phases do not reflect a specific period of time, but rather stages of practice. Interest from additional students needs the flexibility to accommodate students’ different opportunities for practice, and the radically different circumstances under COVID-19 called for a more flexible framework. Note that Levels only apply to students in the Chö Mastery Journey. Non-Journey students can receive empowerments and transmissions for Levels 1-3, they are not in a Level in the Chö Mastery Journey. 


Can I receive transmissions and empowerments in this lineage, i.e. the same practices as in the Journey, even if I am not a member of the Chö Mastery Journey?

You do not need to be a Chö Mastery Journey student to receive the transmissions and empowerments in Levels 1, 2, and 3. However, please be aware that you will not be able to move forward to Level 4 and further since those levels are only offered in the structure of the lineage journey. Furthermore, the new monthly Chö Mastery Journey session that will explore practices in-depth, is only for students dedicated to the Chö Mastery Journey.


How often will transmissions and empowerments for each level be given – how often will there be an opportunity to go to the next level?

They will be offered according to circumstances, which cannot be predetermined. The transmissions and empowerments of the first levels will be given a few times, and the higher levels even fewer – the highest probably only once. Being a student in the Chö Mastery Journey is a dedicating commitment. Every effort should be made to take the opportunity to receive transmissions and empowerments, for both those that one has already received, as blessings and those that are new. 


When do I become Level 2 from Level 1?

Once you have completed Five-Dakini accumulation, have received the Level 2 transmissions, and are ready to focus on practices of Level 2, please notify Ellen (dakiniswhisperteam@gmail.com), the Journey Coordinator. She will then confirm your Level 2 status. 


How do I become a student in the Chö Mastery Journey?

By submitting the application, paying the fees, and adhering to the protocol of participation, studying, and practicing. 


Can I join all the journeys - the Chö Mastery Journey, Dakin Journey, and Mahamudra Journey?

Yes. In fact, all these journeys enhance each other. The students on the Chö Mastery Journey are strongly encouraged to participate in a one-year journey of the Dakini Journey and Mahamudra Journey to establish a strong working basis of Vajrayana and Chö practice.


What should I do if I’m still not sure about which level I’m at or have a question?

If you have further questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team or request an interview.


Can I join the Chö Mastery Journey even if I practice in another lineage and I have encountered Dakini’s Whisper for the first time?

Of course, we welcome any practitioners from any lineage as long as they have made an auspicious connection to this lineage. In fact, the journey consists of sincere practitioners who have pursued different paths and aspire to deepen their own unique path through the support of the journey.


We follow our great masters’ footsteps that entail a completely non-sectarian view. The late H.H. Jetsundhampa Khalkha Rinpoche had teachings from all 4 major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and vice versa (all the four traditions revere Jetsundampa.)


If you have further questions, please contact Ellen at dakiniswhisperteam@gmail.com.