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An Exploration of the Eleven Yogas

of Vajrayogini Revealed by Naropa

A Pilgrimage to Vajrayogini Paradise,

One Body, One Lifetime



If you have a deep inner calling, join us!

This Kechara Journey is for those fortunate beings with a human body and mind who aspire to actualize their fullest and deepest potential within this very lifetime. Traditionally, Vajrayogini’s eleven yogas of creation phase practice as revealed by the glorious Naropa has been kept very secret, as one of 13 Golden Dharmas in the Sakya Tradition. However, during degenerated times such as this, when we are ready to delve into the depth and beauty of Tantra, the path of Vajrayogini, Queen of Dakinis, is revealed to us. The exploration of the Eleven Yogas of Naropa Vajrayogini will assist us in developing our infinite capacity to dive deeply into the authentic tantric path as our life journey. This Vajrayogini practice entails both the simplicity, profundity, and quintessence of the authentic path that is suitable to modern practitioners who seek awakening in this lifetime.


Kechara (in Sanskrit) or Khacho (in Tibetan) is the paradise or pure land of Vajrayogini or DAKINI LAND, and it encompasses the outer, inner, and secret Khechara, all of which are inseparable in reality. Aspirants will be initiated into each layer or level of Vajrayogini during the upcoming Vajrayogini Empowerment this fall. On this Kechara Journey, we prepare ourselves to become suitable vessels to receive this rare and auspicious blessing.


Honoring the integrity, authenticity, and the nature of secrecy of this tradition, Kechara Journey is limited only to those who are able to attend an in-person retreat in the Fall of 2021, to receive the Vajrayogini Empowerment according to the lineage.


You may wonder, why enter Vajrayogini practice while there are so many other yidam practices? According to tradition, the Vajrayogini teaching system and practice have three unique advantages. 

  1. IT IS COMPLETE: It is a significant collection of instructions of the Buddha’s entire teachings, sutra and tantra.

  2. IT IS EASY: It is easier to practice these visualizations as compared to other yidam deities in Highest Yoga Tantra.

  3. IT IS EFFICIENT: It is swift and easy to attain realization due to the profundity of inner yoga.


In sum, Vajrayogini practice is the most efficient, easiest, and complete practice among Highest Yoga Tanra suitable for modern-day practitioners. The more you learn about Vajrayogini’s practice, the more you’ll understand how valuable it is and how profound it is. The more you study and strengthen your faith in the practice, the more you’ll progress. So it is extremely valuable and important to engage in the study and practice of this journey. This is one of the values and intents of the Kechara Journey.


Please note that participation in the Kechara Journey is RESTRICTED, open to only those who are able to commit to attending an in-person retreat to have received the Vajrayogini Empowerment according to the lineage. 

Other Prerequisites Include


(details will be posted for registrants)

  • Monthly Online Retreat - 2nd Saturday of the month in general

  • Monthly Online Tsok Feast Offering

  • Homework & Journal

  • One Immersion Retreat in May 2022 (online)

  • One Personal Retreat

  • DW Subtle Body Training or Inner Yoga Classes, online

  • Interview with Khandro-la to support practitioners


The fee for participating in the Khechara Journey is included as a DW member at the Dakini or Sponsor Level. To join DW at one of these levels or to change your current membership, please complete the application here.

  • Then, please submit the form below.


For your questions, please email Ellen (

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