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Some publications in Tantra are restricted.

Publications marked [Restricted] indicate that some prerequisite is required for its purchase, such as having received empowerment and transmission. The materials in our DW Media Store are mainly for the practice purpose of DW students according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage transmitted from Khalkha Jetsun Dampa.

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TROMA NAKMO (MP3)- Tunes of Fierce Black Dakini
According to the Ganden-Ensa Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage ***Restricted

Product Details

Traditional Tunes of Troma Nakmo Sadhana sang by 

by Choying Khandro

© Choying Khandro, Dakini’s Whisper Media 2022


BOOKLET (PDF) - Commentary to the Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis 
According to the Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage

Product Details

Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis


Composed by Gyalwa Dondrub (12th century)

Commentary by Choying Khandro

© Choying Khandro, Dakini’s Whisper Media 2022

Total 54 pages in booklet format


BOOKLET (PDF) - Commentary to the Eight-Line Praise to Vajrayogini
From Heruka - Vajrayogini Tantra 

Product Details

Commentary to the Eight-Line Praise to Vajrayogini

Composed by Gyalwa Dondrub (12th century)

Commentary by Choying Khandro

© Choying Khandro, Dakini’s Whisper Media 2022

Total 34 pages in booklet format


BOOKLET (PDF) - Commentary to Torma and Tsok Offering 
According to the Highest Yoga Tantra

Product Details

Commentary to the Torma and Tsok Offering

© Choying Khandro, Dakini’s Whisper Media 2021

Total 31 pages in booklet format

What is torma? Why and how do we offer it in Tantric rituals? How do I make torma? What is the origin of tsok? What is its meaning? How do I offer tsok feast and when? These are a few of the questions that are explored in this Torma and Tsok Offering booklet. Choying Khandro, the founder of Dakini’s Whisper, teacher and spiritual guide to many, compiled teachings and commentaries into this concise booklet as an aid to her students in fully embodying torma and tsok offerings rituals, especially from the Ear-Whispered Lineages. This booklet will also benefit the students from all the lineage traditions.


The Supplication to the Machik Five Dakinis and The Aspiration Prayers for the Three Sublimes' Compassion


These two beautiful practices are originally compiled into one text for the morning practice on July 15, 2017, on the auspicious occasion of the First International Chod/Zhije Conference at Tara Mandala. The first prayer was composed by Macgiuk's eldest son and the second prayer by the 1st Khalkha Jetsun Dampa. Both bring great blessings to Chö practitioners. This compilation includes audio recordings of these two beautiful practices chanted with melodies by Chöying Khandro.

AUDIO (MP3) - Ganden Chö Practices - TUNES

Chö Practice According to the Ganden-Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage


All the tunes from "Ganden Cho Practices" - the compilation of the texts used as the basis for the practice of the Ganden-Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage - 'Dedicating the Illusory Body as a Feast Offering' with the Chö  Preliminary and Concluding practices including Aspiration Prayer for the Three Supremes' Compassion.  

AUDIO (MP3) - Dentok Chikma - The Single Sitting of Cho ***Restricted - Chö Practice According to the Ear-Whispered Lineage

All the tunes from "Dentok Chikma - Cho in a Single Sitting" according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage are included in this audio downloadable. The transmission is required for this practice.

For the text, please go to DW Media Store.

AUDIO (MP3) - Five Dakini Retreat - Five Dakinis and Five Elements - TEACHINGS

Ear-Whispered Five Dakini Retreat: Preliminary to Advanced Chö Practice


The Ear-Whispered Five Dakinis Retreat: Preliminary to Advanced Cho Practice - Meditation and Teachings on the Five Elements and Timeless Awareness consists of the recording from the Five Dakini Retreat which was held at Tara Mandala, CO in September 2018.

Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss - EPUB & MOBI (for Kindle)


Product Details

Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss: A Commentary on the Ear-Whispered Chö is a compilation of teachings given by Chöying Khandro, Founder and Spiritual Director of Dakini’s Whisper, from 2018 to early 2019. At its core are transcriptions of several of the online courses available on the Dakinis Whisper website: Master Course 1 - Chö Foundations and Master Course 3 - Chö Practice Basics I. Those materials have been edited and supplemented with additional teachings and instructions from Khandro-la.

While we expect this manuscript to be particularly of value to Chö practitioners in the Ensa-Ganden Ear-Whispered Lineage, Chöying Khandro’s teachings and meditations present a lively, accessible, and inspiring overview of the fundamentals of Vajrayana Buddhist practice and will benefit newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. This is the first of what we hope will be several more volumes to come as she continues to share the breadth of the Vajrayana, Chö, and lineage practices she received from many great Tibetan masters including her root teacher, Khalkha Jetsun Dampa.

Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss is available in two formats: EPUB and MOBI (for Kindle*). EPUB files are viewable in Microsoft Edge, Apple’s IBooks, and a number of free programs and apps available for download (just search for “EPUB reader.”)

A small number of hard copies are available for purchase for an additional fee, as they will need to be shipped internationally. Please contact us by email.

Click the link below for a free preview, and download and open it with your e-reader to see how the book will appear. You don't need to create a Dropbox account; just close the window.

*To put the MOBI file onto your Kindle, go to > Your Account > Your Devices and Content > Change Your Digital and Device Settings > Personal Document Settings. An e-mail address will be listed under “Send to Kindle E-mail Settings.” Send an e-mail to this address, including the MOBI file as an attachment, with the e-mail you used to register your Kindle.

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