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In the spirit of bringing the Dharma into these contemporary times, we offer a series of self-paced online courses intended to provide deep studying opportunities mixed with meditation practices and resources for support. The courses range from the Foundations, the core of Buddha’s teachings, to Cho and Vajrayana practices, meditation instructions, and commentaries as well as dialog. They can be taken sequentially building on the learnings from each one, or as standalone courses to deepen a particular area of learning. The video teachings, recordings of our lineage practices, translations of practice texts, recommended readings and other resources will enrich each practitioner's spiritual journey. 

View our current course offerings by following the links below. Individual courses are hosted on our LearnWorlds platform, where you can register for individual courses.

  • DW supporting members have free access to Master Courses 1-2. ​DW members on the Cho Mastery Journey, Mahamudra Journey, and Dakini Journey have free access to the following Master Courses 1-5. Please contact us when you are ready to take these courses. Or go to DW eLearning to register for other individual courses.​

  • Not yet a member but would like to be? ​Please go to Membership Page to become a member.


  • If you are not a member, go to DW eLearning to purchase the course. You can get access right away.



 Self-Paced Online Courses
Embark on an Enlightening Journey:
Your Ultimate Hub for Chö, Vajrayana, and Mahamudra Mastery!


  • Pearl Members - Access to E-Master Courses 1-2 & 5

  • Jade Members - Access to All Current E-Learning Courses

  • Ruby Members - Plus Get Access to All Newly Published e-Learning Courses


If you are not a member, go to DW eLearning to purchase the course. You can get access right away.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does each course consist of and how has this been developed?
Each course has been developed based on a particular series of teachings by Khandro-la and includes video recordings of the teachings and meditation instructions, group practices, dialogue between Khandro-la and her students, and supporting material and texts. In addition to these, some supporting materials and related videos were added to the course.

2.  I am new to Buddhist teachings. Where should I start with?

Master Course 1: Foundations is the best way to start with. This course is to build a basic understanding of Buddhist teachings and the entire map of the Buddhist Journey. Master Course 5 also covers the entire Buddhist path to awakening with a bit more provocative inquiries. Then or before MC 5, you may like to engage in Master Course 2 and Master Course 4 that cover the basic and advanced meditation of Mahamudra Shamatha. These courses help you to establish the basis of daily meditation practice.

3. How do I register for the course?

You can purchase individually on the eLearning site that allows you to access immediately or just by becoming a DW member that comes with the benefits of free access. 

4. What are the benefits of membership levels in terms of access?

Basic supporting membership allows you to access Master Course 1 - 2 and Cho Master, Dakini, Mahamudra and Supporting Membership allows you to access Master Course 1-5 for free, plus all the other materials available on eLearning such as the Five Dakini Practice Resources.

5. How do I participate in discussions and post a comment related to each course?

If you are registered and logged into a specific course, go to the upper left of the menu item called "community", enter your comment and click “reply”. Your comment will appear immediately.

6. Where should I contact if I have a problem with logging in and other questions about eLearning?

You are welcome to contact us @

7. Do I have an opportunity for an interview with Khandro-la to ask questions and set up my personal practice? 

Yes. Khandro-la will be available upon your request. Please contact us @

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