"My dharma system does not contain even one actual word of classical precepts and treatises. Yet there is not even one-hundredth of one hair’s worth of it that is inconsistent with the pure meaning of precept and treatise.... 
That is how to understand the special distinction of my dharma system from others.” - Machik Labdron

A 5-Levels of CHO Journey 

through the Ear-Whispered Lineage

of Machik Dakini


Become an Immense & Benevolent Ambassador to the World

In Response to COVID-19 and Beyond!


A Transformative Journey - Integration of Body, Mind, Heart & Buddha Nature


Self-paced Study, Practice and Support with DW Community


Dakini's Whisper

is an international online sangha of Buddhist practitioners dedicated to

bringing the ancient wisdom of the Ear-Whispered Chö (Chod) and Vajrayana 

to our modern-day lives.

All of DAKINI'S WHISPER's activities reflect our mission of nurturing our awakening

to its deepest dimension through authentic Buddhadharma methods 

in an inclusive, accessible environment.

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