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 Self-Paced Online Courses & 


Inspiring Virtual Master Courses that Serve

as a Compendium for Chö, Vajrayana & Mahamudra Practitioners 

In the spirit of bringing the Dharma into these contemporary times, we offer a series of self-paced online courses intended to provide deep studying opportunities mixed with meditation practices and resources for support.


The courses range from the Foundations, the core of Buddha’s teachings, to Cho and Vajrayana practices, instructions, and commentaries. They can be taken sequentially building on the learnings from each one, or as standalone courses to deepen a particular area of learning. The video teachings, recordings of our lineage practices, translations of practice texts, recommended readings and other resources will enrich each practitioner’s spiritual journey.



Dakini's Whisper's eLearning - DWE - is an online platform that enables access to all DW study and practice materials, except for printed matter. It provides access to videos, audio files, readings, and much more, in one place. It consists of a series of Master Courses.


Master Courses are designed to guide modern-day practitioners, especially of Vajrayana and Chö, through the Buddhist path geared toward Vajrayana and Chö Mahamudra, which is based on the "on and off the cushion" approach of the Ear-Whispered Tradition.

The courses are sequential, with material presented building on the previous course. Each course, however, is a well-integrated stand-alone course and can be taken any time courses become available.



Dakini’s Whisper’s activities are largely online, with live sessions and shared recordings constituting the core. Some of the most important material is structured in Master Courses. Effective sharing material online demands quite a sophisticated infrastructure. 


It should:

  • Provide access to all your material with only one password. 

  • It must work well on all mobile devices. 

  • It should pick up where you left off, and remember what material you have covered.

  • It should allow for comments and discussions. 

  • It should easily handle all formats of media: video, PDFs, audio, etc. 


The Dakini’s Whisper’s eLearning Center does all of these things. 



When you become a paying member, you will receive an email invitation. The invitation provides clear instructions and a link to the platform, so just follow the instructions. Once you have logged in you will have access to the material that is relevant for you. 


If you have not received this invitational email, look into the spam folder. If it is not there, send an email to


For more how-to-use, please watch this short instructional video. (PW: DWM)



  • Anyone interested in exploring their human potential regardless of their experience in Buddhist practice.

  • Spiritual Practitioners who are curious about Buddhist teachings.

  • Buddhist Practitioners in general wishing to establish stable motivation.

  • Vajrayana and Chö Practitioners who want to strengthen their practice by re-establishing the basis of sutra teachings.

  • Long-term spiritual practitioners who wish to deepen their experience by integrating Buddha Dharma in common language.


  • MASTER COURSE 1: Chö Foundations – free to all members

  • MASTER COURSE 2: Mahamudra Shamatha Basics I – free to all members

  • MASTER COURSE 3: Chö Practice Basics I – paid but free to all Chö Mastery Program students

  • MASTER COURSE 4: Mahamudra Shamatha II – paid but free to all Chö Mastery Program students

  • COMPLETE SADHANA: Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss - free to those who paid previously

  • MASTER COURSE 5: LAMRIM - THE TOPOGRAPHY OF THE PATH: Progressive Stages of the Path to Awakening - Lam Rim – free to all Chö Mastery Program students

  • SBT Basic Exercises - open to those who participated previously


Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process.





COURSE 1: Chö Foundations

Laying the Foundation for the Crowning Jewel 

It is a gateway to the Buddhist Path. This course is devoted to the exploration of Vajrayana Foundations, the core of the entire Buddhist path, and the basis of our most profound transformation in the practice of Vajrayana and Chö. Chö is a radical method for cutting through self-fixation and cultivating compassion and fearlessness. It was considered by previous masters to be a gem atop the palace called the Three Principal Aspects of the Path: Renunciation, Bodhicitta, and Wisdom. 


***Requirement for Five Year Chö Mastery Program Trainees


COURSE 2: Mahamudra Shamatha

Resting in the Natural State

Our first Series of Mahamudra is devoted to the foundations and development of single-pointed concentration, i.e., cultivation of a calm, clear, and focused mind, specifically focusing on the nature of mind. During this five-week series, we will learn how to develop and enhance our attention skills, how to strengthen our faculty of mindfulness, and how to bring skills developed through meditation into our daily lives. Within Buddhism, this training is often referred to as Shamatha practice.


Mahamudra Shamatha is the building block for any of the advanced practices. This practice, which focuses on the nature of mind, plays such a key and foundational role in the path of freedom and awakening in the Mahamdra and Dzokchen traditions that it is called by many names - “Shamatha focusing on the conventional nature of mind,” “Settling the mind in its Natural State,” “Taking the Mind as the Path,” and “Taking Appearances and Awareness as the Path.”


In addition, this series will also highlight the preliminary practices which act as a foundation for Mahamudra practice along with a brief discussion of the tantra or Vajrayana level of practice.

During this series, Chöying will offer the oral transmission and commentary to the teachings of The Highway to the Conquerors: A Root Text on the Precious Geluk-Kagyu Mahamudra Tradition and its auto-commentary. Chöying received the transmission of this text from many great masters including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


***Requirement for Five Year Chö Mastery Program Trainees


COURSE 3: Chö Practice Basics I - Whispered from the Mount of Bliss

Essential Commentary to Chö Liturgy - Dedicating One’s Illusory Body as a Feast Offering

The Ten-Week Chö Series offers an in-depth commentary on “Dedicating One’s Illusory Body as a Feast Offering,” the main chanting text of the Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss, the Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage of Chö. Each week covers a specific section of practice in the text. Each session includes a one-to-one practice of chanting and drumming with Chöying. The entire course highlights the key points and teachings of Chö rituals.

For those who are new to Chö, this series will provide a basic understanding of the principal aspects of Chö practice which entails meditation, visualization, and ritual. For those who already practice Chö in other traditions, this will help deepen your understanding of Chö and enhance your Chö practice and spiritual practice in general. 

***Requirement for Five Year Chö Mastery Program Trainees


COURSE 4: Mahamudra Shamatha

Basics of Shamatha for Mahamudra Meditation

Shamatha Basics is devoted to the foundations and the development of single-pointed concentration or cultivation of a calm, clear and focused mind. 


During this five-week series: We

Develop and enhance our attention skills, 

Strengthen our faculty of mindfulness, 

Rest in whatever arises, 

Bring the skills developed in meditation into our daily lives

Develop the ability to focus on the nature of mind


Shamatha is a vital building block for advanced practices such as Vajrayana and Cho. In particular, the practice of SETTLING THE MIND, or focusing on the nature of mind, plays such a key and foundational role in the path of freedom and awakening in the Mahamudra and Dzokchen traditions, not to mention, in our daily lives. 


This practice is called by many names such as “Shamatha focusing on the conventional nature of mind,” “Settling the mind in its Natural State,” “Taking the Mind as the Path,” and “Taking Appearances and Awareness as the Path.”

***Requirement for Five Year Chö Mastery Program Trainees






COURSE 6 Five Elements and Five Dakinis

Connect with the Essential Working Basis for Vajrayana


COURSE 7: Chö Practice Basics II

In-depth Commentary and Exploration of Chö Liturgy 


COURSE 8: Subtle Body Training Level 1

Restore the Relationship to Your True Nature


COURSE 9: Chö Classics

Immerse Yourself in the River of Realization



COURSE 10: Chö Mahamudra

Directly Rest in Your Ture Nature



COURSE 11: Vajrayana Techniques in Chö

Skillfully Transform the Patterns into Direct Experience of Awakened Being

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