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Booklet (PDF) - Commentary to Torma and Tsok Offering

According to the Highest Yoga Tantra
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Commentary to the Torma and Tsok Offering

© Choying Khandro, Dakini’s Whisper Media 2021

Total 31 pages in booklet format

What is torma? Why and how do we offer it in Tantric rituals? How do I make torma? What is the origin of tsok? What is its meaning? How do I offer tsok feast and when? These are a few of the questions that are explored in this Torma and Tsok Offering booklet. Choying Khandro, the founder of Dakini’s Whisper, teacher and spiritual guide to many, compiled teachings and commentaries into this concise booklet as an aid to her students in fully embodying torma and tsok offerings rituals, especially from the Ear-Whispered Lineages. This booklet will also benefit the students from all the lineage traditions.

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